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Is My Horse's Saddle Correctly Fitted? 15 Behavioural Indicators To Look Out For...
Horses are usually kind-natured and cooperative creatures, this is, however, contingent on two fundamental needs being satisfied: they must understand what it is you're asking of them, and they must be pain-free and comfortable in order to do what you want. Negative horse behaviour is typically caused by an ill-fitting saddle, and it's your responsibility as a horse owner or rider to detect the tell-tale signs that your saddle may be the source of these problems. Once you've learned how to spot them, you'll be in a stronger position to address the problem right away. To help you determine whether it's time
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Historic Council Grove Washunga Days Features Elite Country Music Entertainment
Headlining a full lineup of entertainment for Washunga Days at Council Grove, June 18-19, will be the Read Southall Band.  Entertainment for all ages highlights Washunga Days, June 18-19, at historic Council Grove right on the old Santa Fe Trail.  “The annual festival celebrates the culture both past and present of Council Grove and Morris County,” according to Deidre Knight.  Representing Story Media Company for Washunga Days, Knight said, “It is a celebration honoring the Kaw Indians, community, and families.”  Top musical acts are scheduled to entertain Friday evening and all day Saturday. “We’ll have the Kaw Nation Powwow, a flea market, parade, car
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The Top 5 Horse Saddles
As a horse rider, you know that having the right saddle is key to your comfort and performance. In this blog post, we will outline the top 5 saddles for horse riders. We'll discuss what makes each one great and why you might want to consider using them yourself. So, whether you're just starting out or are looking for an upgrade, read on for the best options available! CWD Saddle 2019 2C The CWD Saddle 2019 2C is a beautifully crafted piece of horse riding equipment that is sure to please any rider. The saddle is made from high quality leather that
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