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Horse-catching 101
You arrive at the barn, call your horse by name, and he ignores you; in fact, he does not so much as flick an ear in your direction. It is hard not to have your feelings hurt. Initially, when you got your horse home and arrived at the barn, he would come trotting to you. He wore a happy expression on his face, his ears forward, and sometimes he'd even nicker.     Or maybe your horse has always been blasé about your presence. You may even be one of the lucky people whose horse runs away when he sees you. Or perhaps
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Iconic Schatzlein Saddle Shop In Minneapolis Announces Closure After 115 Years Of Service
If you're a fan of saddle shopping, you'll be sad to learn that Chatzlein's Saddle Shop, a staple in the South Minneapolis community for over 115 years, is closing it's doors so that the dedicated family members that run the store can enjoy a well deserved retirement.    The Schatzlein Saddle shop is a family business that was established in 1907, and has been a go-to destination for horse riders and saddle enthusiasts alike, offering a wide range of English and Western clothing, boots, hats, helmets, jeans, jackets, riding gear, and saddles & tack from well loved brands, alongside a big selection
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The Top 5 Horse Saddles
As a horse rider, you know that having the right saddle is key to your comfort and performance. In this blog post, we will outline the top 5 saddles for horse riders. We'll discuss what makes each one great and why you might want to consider using them yourself. So, whether you're just starting out or are looking for an upgrade, read on for the best options available! CWD Saddle 2019 2C The CWD Saddle 2019 2C is a beautifully crafted piece of horse riding equipment that is sure to please any rider. The saddle is made from high quality leather that
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