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No Bridle, No Saddle, No Problem!
Ever watch someone riding with no bridle or saddle and wish you could do that with your own horse? The sheer magic of the horse-human relationship is never more clear than when both parties are in complete harmony doing whatever maneuvers they are performing. This joining of minds is reminiscent of the movie “Avatar,” where the hair of rider and the dragon-beast are braided together so that their minds meld and yet, it is the rider who dictates where they go. Since we can’t braid our hair into the manes of our horses and end up with this fabulous and magical
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Oh What A Difference An ‘S’ Can Make When Talking About One Most Historic Morris County Area On ‘Diamond Creek’
Often referred to as Diamond Springs the historic watering place on the Santa Fe Trail here is designated singular: “Diamond Spring.” The sign was erected by the late Helen and Charles Judd and the Heart of the Flint Hills Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association.  Frequently if not nearly always, Diamond Spring and Diamond Springs are synonymous in lay conversation.  That’s inaccurate, but both are important to the history of Morris County.  Likewise both Diamond Spring and Diamond Springs had important roles for early travelers and settlers. Particularly that was true for those following the Santa Fe Trail during years of existence.  Okay,
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Review: wehorse - Peggy Cummings Video - Nervous Horses: Case Analysis and Exercises in Hand
wehorse is a European Online Riding Academy that you pay a fee to access many different trainers who have videos available for viewing. The videos cover various training techniques demonstrated by over twenty trainers.  Once on the website, I clicked on the video page and scrolled down to see what sort of things are offered. I was specifically looking for a training video dealing with something I found interesting. There are so many to choose from!  I found the video I wanted to watch, It’s called Nervous Horses: Case Analysis and Exercises in Hand. This video is 15.39 minutes long and starts right
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