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Oldenburg Horses for Sale

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Frequently asked questions
What is a Oldenburg Horse?
The Oldenburg Horse is a warmblood breed that originated in Germany. It is known for its intelligence, athleticism and willing temperament, making it an excellent choice for dressage, show jumping, eventing and many other disciplines. The breed is characterized by its strong hindquarters, powerful trot and balanced movement. Oldenburg Horses come in a variety of colors and usually have white markings on their legs or faces. They are sure-footed and reliable, making them popular mounts among both novice and experienced riders alike.
What is an Oldenburg horse?
The Oldenburg Horse is a robust, powerful warmblood horse from Germany. It is highly sought after due to its intelligence, athleticism and disposition. Oldenburgs have an elegant build with strong hindquarters and refined heads, often featuring small ears and kind eyes. Other desirable characteristics include good conformation and well-muscled bodies. They typically stand between 15-17 hands (60-68 inches) high at the withers, though there may be some size variation in individual horses of this breed. Oldenburgs make excellent riding horses due to their active gaits which are smooth and well-balanced with natural power when jumping or collected movements such as dressage work or driving tasks. They are also known for being trainable, courageous under saddle, and loving towards people making them great companion horses as well! In addition to their wonderful temperaments, these horses are healthy with few genetic diseases in anesthetics; they tend to live long lives of 20 years or more — quite the accomplishment for any horse breed! Ultimately, owning an Oldenburg can give you a lifelong friend that brings joy through accomplishments in whatever field you choose: whether it's pleasure hacks around the paddock or competing in world class show jumps! Regardless of your goals together your Oldenburg will remain loyal forevermore.