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Icelandic Horses for sale

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Top Horseshow Riders Presented Tokens At Yearend Saddle Club Banquet
Top Horseshow Riders Presented Tokens At Yearend Saddle Club Banquet
Special trophies were presented by Blackjack Saddle Club President Albert De La Garza (right) to Madison Hammond, Perseverance Award; Joyce Troyer, Most Improved Rider; and Troy Warnken, Volunteer of the Year. (Photo from Albert De La Garza.) ...
By Frank J. Buchman
Springtime Tips
Springtime Tips
Snow, snow, and more snow here, but I’m staying optimistic and eagerly awaiting spring! Ah, springtime, the time all horse owners, riders, and equid caretakers look forward to, because finally, riding days have arrived! There are so many things...
By Tanya Buck
Things To Consider Before Adopting A Horse
Things To Consider Before Adopting A Horse
Perhaps you or your family has been thinking of adopting a horse for a long time. Which is unquestionably a tremendously rewarding experience for anyone.  When you adopt a horse, you are providing a secure and warm environment for that horse...
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Frequently asked questions
What is an Icelandic Horse?
The Icelandic horse (or Islenski hesturinn, as it is known in its native country) is a unique breed of small horses that have been living in Iceland since the 9th century. They are hardy and strong, able to survive even the harshest Icelandic weather. Icelandic Horses are intelligent animals with a friendly, gentle temperament. These horses also have an extra gear - the “tölt” – which allows them to travel at up to 30 kilometers per hour without bouncing their riders around! The tölt gives Icelandic Horses superior speed and agility compared to other breeds – making them perfect for equestrian sports like racing, dressage and show jumping. In addition to their special gait, these unique creatures have thick double coats that protect them from cold temperatures and rough terrain all year round. Their manes are long and fluffy while their tails naturally curl which makes them look quite majestic! Icelandic Horses may be small but they pack a whole lot of personality into each one – so if you're looking for an intelligent companion who loves adventure as much as you do then this might just be the right breed for you!