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Fjord Horses for sale

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Springtime Tips
Springtime Tips
Snow, snow, and more snow here, but I’m staying optimistic and eagerly awaiting spring! Ah, springtime, the time all horse owners, riders, and equid caretakers look forward to, because finally, riding days have arrived! There are so many things...
By Tanya Buck
Crowd Entertainment Promised For Invitational  Bull Riding Event Encouraging Young Cowboys
Crowd Entertainment Promised For Invitational Bull Riding Event Encouraging Young Cowboys
Talent of promising bull riders will be highlighted at the Devin Hutchinson Invitational Sunflower State Chute Out, Saturday evening, Oct. 26, at Burlingame. A PBR Professional Bull Rider Hutchinson shows personal form at the Dayton Rumble Bull Ridin...
By Frank J. Buchman
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Frequently asked questions
What is a Fjord Horse?
The Fjord horse is an ancient breed of Scandinavian horses that has been popular in Norway for centuries. It is known for its hardiness and sure-footedness, making it ideal for use in rugged terrain or mountainous areas. It has a compact body with muscular legs, a short neck, and an upright mane which stands straight up on end to form the characteristic "Viking" profile that these horses are so well known for. Fjord horses have long been used as draft animals due to their strength and agility, but they make equally good recreational riding mounts when given proper training. They have especially soft mouths which makes them easy to handle while riding. They are also very intelligent creatures who can be trained easily with gentle guidance. The Fjord horse's main characteristics include their two-colored coats that range from grayish brown “wild” colors to chestnut sorrels with white manes and tails; the thick neck; distinctive dunal stripes along the back; feathery fetlocks (lower parts of the leg); wide nostrils; thick lower lip; big ears set high on its head; large eyes set deep into sockets giving great vision around its face; powerful withers forming a broad chest tapering down toward strong quarters, shoulders and hindquarters ending in low hocks below short cannon bones which gives them incredible flexibility during jumps over obstacles or traversing difficult terrain. All of these features combine to make this horse incredibly agile and strong—the perfect combination for all kinds of working tasks!