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How To Cinch Up A Saddle With Double Rigging - Video

Hi Guys, it’s Lynnsy here at Saddle Up! 

So I wanted to do a quick video to show you how to do a double rigging like this, so this is on a McCall saddle and sometimes it will come with this double rigging. It can be super confusing if you’ve never done it before, myself included. When I bought this saddle I had never done one before and it can be kind of tricky. 

The other tricky part is that it has double latigo, so it’s the same on both sides. So I’m going to show you, just real quick a just kind of simple way to go ahead and cinch it up. 

So I always like to remember, you go from your saddle to your cinch, saddle and then to your cinch. Then tighten it up a little and you can let the slack out, like that. Then this remaining tail part goes here, in your latigo keeper. And that’s how you do one of these riggings. 

Feel free, if you guys have any questions, give us a shout. But that is how you do the double riggings