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History of the Haflinger Horse

Haflinger horses descend from the stallion Folie 249 who was born back in 1874. This was a result of a crossbreed, a Tyrolean mountain mare and an Arab stallion. History records imply that the mountain horse was of a warmblood origin.

In the 20th century, the Haflinger horse had an average height of 150cm, which is around 14.3 hands high. They also had an average of 18-19cm of bone meaning that the Haflinger horse was a fairly lightly framed horse.

In the second world war, the breeding programme became sidetracked and the foundations of the Haflinger horse became smaller and stockier, often associated with as the founding type.  

The North Tyrolean Breeding Association was founded in 1921, and after the Second World War, the Association reformed in 1946 to implement a breeding programme to restore the Haflinger to a lighter framed animal and to manage the Stud Book for purebred Haflingers.

Many years down the line and the Haflinger horse has now become a versatile all-round athlete with a good personality.

The Haflinger horse is also known as the Avelingnese.

What Does the Haflinger Horse Look Like?

Usually, the Haflinger horse will be a chestnut colour. This could be an extremely pale chestnut or a dark brown colour. Some Haflinger horses will have traces of black spots, however, this is not desired in the breed standards for registration. 

Some Haflingers will have markings on their head. Their mane and tail are often lighter than their body colour or even white. Some Haflingers will have leg markings, but again this is not desired in the breed standards. 

Typically the Haflinger horse will have a noble head with large eyes. They will also have a well-shaped neck, be well muscled, a long forehand with pronounced withers and sufficient depth of chest. A long and deep centrepiece with a firm yet supple back and hindquarters which are well-shaped, well-muscled, sufficiently long, not too broad or too strongly divided croup is desired.  


What is the Haflinger Horse Suitable For?

The Haflinger horse breed is ideal for children who are into dressage as they are well-tempered and compact. Haflingers can also be a great breed for adult riders too, they make the perfect family horse with their gentle and easy movement.    

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