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Hiroka’s Story - The Horse That was Rescued From Cruel Slaughterhouse

Hiroka is one lucky horse who was rescued from a slaughterhouse who kept their animals in awful conditions. When the rescuers found Hiroka she was extremely sick.

Hiroka was capped in filth and her own waste, and extremely underweight with no fat or muscle on her body. She had a large infection from a wound on her leg which rooted right down to her bone. The rescuers from Gentle Barn Rescue also found her spine crooked leaving her barely able to stand.

Whilst Hiroka was kept at the slaughterhouse she engaged in no activity and was left lying on the ground unable to move.

Evidently, the slaughterhouse provided poor care for its animals. After the rescuers took Hiroka into their care, they tried everything they could to bring her back to full recovery.

They fed her with Chlorella, which provides plenty of nutrients and helps the body get stronger and healthier. They also used antibiotics and painkillers to relieve her discomfort and used chiropractic to straighten her spine. They then tracked her infection in her leg with ultrasound to shrink the swelling.

Two months later Hiroka had made a full recovery. A video on YouTube recorded her unbelievable recovery. In the video, it was stated that SunChlorella, a brand of chlorella, sponsored the rescue and provided them with all the products required to bring the animal back to its full health.

Don't miss this incredible video, well done to the rescue team!