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Tips For Making Your Horses Hair Grow Faster

There are a number of things you can to do aid the growth of your horse’s hair. We’ve included a few tips below to help…


Nutrition is key when it comes to growing your horse’s hair. If your horse is lacking in the right nutrients this can delay the regrowth of your horse’s hair and ever damage the condition. Feed and supplements are a great way to ensure your horse is getting all the goodness they need. You may also want to check the quality of your horse’s hay as this can also affect their nutrition levels. 


Plaiting your horse’s mane prevents any tangling or further damage. It also means that no brushing is required so no hair is lost in the brushes. If your horse has a sparse mane, try to work with what you’ve got, every part that you can plait is good. If there are small areas that you can’t include in your plait, try not to brush these out, even if it looks messy. 

Reduce Contact With Your Horse’s Mane

If you find that you’re often coming into contact with your horse’s mane, for example, whilst riding, you may notice that you rest your hands there or you hold onto your horse’s mane when jumping, try to not touch it.

Every time you touch your horse’s mane it can cause hair loss, even in the smallest amounts. By not touching your horse’s mane, it will give it a chance to grow and become thicker. 

Growth & Conditioning Hair Products

Using Hair growth products can improve your horse’s mane condition. When applying any products try not to brush your horse’s hair too much, you may want to apply it with your hands and run your fingers through it rather than brushing. 

There are a number of products available on the market, but make sure you do your research and check the reviews to find one that works best. 

Removing Grease

During the winter months, grease can build up in our horse’s mane which blocks the hair follicles, causing reduced growth. Whilst we don’t recommend giving your horse a bath in the cold temperatures, it’s worth washing the mane area on a mild day to remove any dirt and grease.  

Try To Avoid Other Horse’s Grooming Your Horse

When horses groom each other, they tend to muzzle around the lower neck area. Avoiding this may be tricky if they’re turned out with other horses, however, it can really help prevent the loss of hair. To deter other horses from muzzling that area, use a fly spray around the withers. 

If you have any other tips and advice that has worked for you, please leave a comment below!