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Horse Saddles - Saddle Types & Brands

Saddles are a supportive structure for a rider or other heavy load. They are fastened to the horse’s back by the girth and make the rider or load sit in a better position for the horse. As well as horses there are also specialized saddles for animals such as donkeys and camels.

When riding without a saddle, people tend to sit further forward on the horse’s back. Saddles make it easier on the horse and are used to cushion the impact and movement of an unbalanced rider.

Types of saddles


English Saddle 

English saddle

The English saddle is known as a kind of all-purpose style saddle.

It is used in all of the Olympic and International Federation For Equestrian Sports (FEI) equestrian disciplines except for the newly approved FEI events of equestrian vaulting and reining.

They are also used when riding horses in English riding disciplines throughout the world. Whilst the disciplines aren’t limited to the UK, they are mainly used in the UK or in other English speaking countries.

The saddle was designed to allow the horse as much movement as possible when doing any kind of activity. There are no design elements that stick out above the main tree of the saddle.

English Saddles - Horseclicks


Western Saddle

Western saddle

Western saddles are mainly used in the United States for western riding. They are used on working horses in cattle ranches mostly in the west. They were made to provide maximum security and comfort for riders when spending long periods of time on a horse, and travelling over rugged terrain.

The western saddle is most commonly known as the ‘cowboy’ saddle to most movie watchers and rodeo fans.

It came from the combination of the Moorish style saddle which provided the horse with freedom of movement and the Jousting style saddle which gave the rider security and control over the horse. The ‘horn was also added which allowed vaqueros control over the cattle by the use of a rope around the neck of the animal and wrapped around the horn.
Some western saddles still feature the horn and others don’t.

Westers Saddles - Horseclicks


Endurance Saddle 

Endurance saddle

This type is used for long-distance competitions of endurance riding.

The endurance saddle originally came from the design of military and police saddles and is designed to provide the horse and the rider with the comfort and balance needed to cover rough terrain for many miles.

The seat is often quilted to give the rider maximum comfort and the stirrups are designed with a wide foot tread to reduce fatigue. For the horse, the panels are extended to provide a larger area of contact with the horses back. This also reduces fatigue, linked to the pounds per square inch of saddle contact.

Endurance Saddles - Horseclicks

Treeless Saddles 

Treeless saddles

A tree of a saddle is the hard structure that's beneath all of the leather and padding. Trees can be made out of materials such as fibreglass combined with metal, plastic and wood. A treeless saddle does not have this solid structure.

Treeless saddles come in western, English and trail styles. Treeless saddles are more substantial than a simple back pad.

They are often used when a traditional saddle is difficult to fit onto a horse. They can also be lightweight which would benefit riders with lifting problems.

Saddles - Horseclicks

Australian Saddle

Australian saddle

Australian saddles are used all over the world when riders are spending long hours riding. They are suitable to use on a number of occasions such as cattle work, starting young horses, everyday pleasure riding, trail riding, endurance riding and is also used in Australian campdrafting competitions.

It was designed for security and comfort no matter the conditions. This style has a much deeper seat and higher cantle that a traditional English saddle and also has knee pads in the front for more comfort.

Australian Saddles - Horseclicks

Popular saddle brands


Saddle brands

CWD Is Horseclicks’ most popular saddle brand. CWD’s products are used by both world champions and American & European champions. They are a high range saddle maker who takes pride in dedicating their work to rider’s sporting performances.



Saddle brands

Butet is a French saddler, who now distributes worldwide. Butet stays up and coming by keeping on top of technical research to adapt the saddles to perform to the best of their ability. They are a brand that wants to stick to their original shape and style of the saddle and refuse to change it in the name of modernization. They have all the advantages of an innovative design and are perfect for beginners and throughout training.


Saddle brands
Antares create luxurious and high technology saddles. The brand was established in 2000 in Saintes, France.

They are driven by the search for excellence and performance. They conduct research with world-recognized equine health professionals and international riders in all equestrian disciplines. This makes them able to evolve through their shared passionate experience.



Saddle brands

Devoucoux is wholeheartedly dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider and has been working to promote it since 1985.

They were also established in France.
Their products are produced by the professions of cutting, preparing, assembling, putting together, machine stitching and hand stitching. Their products are constantly evolving, giving their models elegance, expertise and comfort.

They are a company that is constantly investing so that their products remain world leading.



Saddle brands

The Voltaire Design mission is to help everyone fulfil their full riding potential.
Voltaire Design relies on the long French tradition of saddle making.

Their brand's goal is to produce and sell high-end products and also work with each individual rider to find and create a product that will improve their riding.
They work with their suppliers to get the best out of what they have to offer.

Voltaire Design is also the first saddle maker to get help from the fashion industry in the design of our products. Voltaire Design is also the first environmentally-friendly saddler in the world.