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Quarter Horse
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Ranch Quarter Horses for Sale in Kentucky

41 results
Discover Ranch Quarter Horses for sale in Kentucky on America's biggest equine marketplace. Browse Horses or place a FREE ad today on
Ranger Suffers A Torn Muscle
Ranger Suffers A Torn Muscle
One morning before sunrise when nocturnal darkness had just begun to dissipate the skies, barely enough for the eye to see slightly, but not well, I went out to bring the horses in from night turnout. Figures could be perceived, but details eluded th...
By Katharine MacCornack
Feeding the Picky Eater
Feeding the Picky Eater
My own horses will eat anything that doesn’t move too quickly, but what do you do for the picky eaters, or the horses that seem not to care about food, so struggle to keep at a decent weight?  First, figure out if there is a good reaso...
By Tanya Buck
Things To Consider Before Adopting A Horse
Things To Consider Before Adopting A Horse
Perhaps you or your family has been thinking of adopting a horse for a long time. Which is unquestionably a tremendously rewarding experience for anyone.  When you adopt a horse, you are providing a secure and warm environment for that horse...
A Little Advice For When Buying A Horse
A Little Advice For When Buying A Horse
Whether you are seeking to buy a schoolmaster or a green youngster to be brought up through the levels, buying a horse is a daunting process. We will discuss a few points from where one can buy a horse, top mistakes people make while buying, things t...
By Olivia Kile
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Frequently asked questions
How can I ensure a Quarter Horse's pedigree and breed standards?
To ensure a Quarter Horse’s pedigree and breed standards, AQHA registration is required as it guarantees the horse abides by the Association’s breed standards and provides an official record of lineage and ownership history. AQHA registration is the only way to guarantee that a Quarter Horse is purebred and meets the breed standards set by the Association. It also provides an official record of the horse’s lineage and ownership history, which is important for breeders and owners alike.
What are some tips for inspecting and buying a Quarter Horse?
When inspecting and buying a Quarter Horse, consider its training level, soundness, temperament, conformation, feet, and make sure to get a pre-purchase exam by a reputable veterinarian.
How much does a quarter horse cost?
A Quarter horse can typically be found for anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000, although elite show horses and stallions may cost up to $100,000.
How tall is a quarter horse?
A Quarter Horse typically stands between 14.3 and 16 hands (56 to 64 inches) tall.