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Trail Riding Kentucky Mountain Horses for sale

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Pushy Horses
Pushy Horses
Do you own a pushy horse? Ever wonder how he got that way? Horses are not born pushy. They learn from their mother, other horses and then from their owners. They do not naturally know how to behave humans, they are taught. The mother teaches them how...
By Gaye DeRusso
To Pee Or Not To Pee
To Pee Or Not To Pee
Ever wish you could potty train your horse to urinate only in a certain area that you designate, instead of where he chooses? If you could teach him to “go” only in that place and not in his stall or under the eaves of his barn, in his wa...
By Tanya Buck
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Frequently asked questions
What is a Kentucky Mountain Horse?
The Kentucky Mountain Horse is a type of horse that originated in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. It is known for its agility, strength and smooth gait. They are also easy to train and highly intelligent, making them ideal mounts for both novice and experienced riders alike. Kentucky Mountain Horses come in a variety of colors and may have white markings on their legs and faces. They are strong-willed yet friendly creatures that make great family horses as well as talented show horses.
What Kentucky Mountain Horse?
The Kentucky Mountain Horse is a true American original! It's considered one of the oldest breeds in North America, recognized for its unique combination of strength and size. A Kentucky Mountain Horse stands between 14 to 15 hands (56-60 inches) high and weighs between 900-1200 lbs. Their feet are large and hooves are rounded, well suited for their natural mountain habitat in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. They have a sturdy build with broad chest, short back, well-defined withers, strong legs and deep quarters making them excellent trail horses. The breed is known for being surefooted over rugged terrain as they’re able to navigate rocky trails with ease. Mountain Horses come in all colors such as duns, palominos, roans, blacks & bays. They also possess an ideal temperament; bold yet gentle; willing workers but not easily scared or bullied by any rider allowing them to take riders through difficult terrains that even some stronger breeds would struggle with . Therefore these majestic animals find success not only on the trails but also in show rings around the world!