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$ enquire “Twix” 6 Yr old 14.3hh Tiger Stripe Dun AQHA Gelding! Exclusively available on!
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$ enquire

“Twix” 6 Yr old 14.3hh Tiger Stripe Dun AQHA Gelding! Exclusively available on! for sale in Texas

ad ref. HT424046C
Addison, TexasUpdated 1 day ago
Age6 yrs
Height14.3 hands
LocationAddison TX
Ad TypeAuction


BIDDING OPEN NOW thru Monday | June 17th...♠️ The RIDER's Choice ♠️

*Final price will be determined on auction site*

CONSIGNOR CONTACT: Couture Caballo - Click here to reveal phone number -


Throughout the years, we have all seen the great horses of Hollywood. Growing up watching the noble steeds of cowboy heroes, etched into our brains the idea of an iconic wonder horse like Roy Roger’s Trigger, The Lone Rangers Hi-Ho Silver, or John Wayne’s beloved Dollar! In order to thrive on set, these horses truly had to be just as amazing in real life as they were on the big screens. They carried iconic western stars on cattle drives, cutting cows from the herd for branding, chasing bad guys through mountain passes and across barren plains, or simply to town for supplies. Even a movie and TV cowboy could not survive without a good, broke horse. In fact, actors and stunt riders’ lives depend on their horses being reliable, even tempered, and highly-trained. These Hollywood Hoofbeats are made timeless by their unwavering dedication, and recognizable presence on and off screen.

This 6 year old tiger striped dun gelding has loped right off the set of your favorite western series and into an exclusive, once in a lifetime offering!

Affectionately nicknamed “Twix”,

This guy has had a career of many colors, and is the definition of been there-done that… and then some!! Standing at 14.3 hands, this chunky, soft eyed gelding has captivated America’s heart by carrying some of Hollywoods greats through the iconic scenes of the old west! With a vivid recognizable face, Twix was featured in the Emmy Nominated Yellowstone spinoff series, 1883. A show that is as much about the story of the American Quarter Horse as it is “the Dutton family’s” journey across a burgeoning America. In a Quarter Horse News article, Taylor Sheridan mentions, “The horses were such an integral figure in the settling of the West, and to make a [show] about it, really has to be a celebration,” he says. “Remember, the Quarter Horse came from a blend of other breeds to make what some saw as the perfect horse. This is really the story of that, and I scoured the nation looking for the finest horses I could find.” ( The series features stars Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and more. Twix starred as the character “Colton’s” horse, where he was ridden by actor Noah Le Gros from episode 6 through the end of the season. He was THE HORSE Faith Hill’s character stole to go rescue her daughter, and Hill even ends up shooting a horse thief off of his back! You can find Twix in many facets of the series. From driving cattle, to being shot off of, to standing ground tied- this gelding was no one trick pony on set!

Being a movie horse encompasses many challenges- more than what would meet the eye! Imagine running the same gunfight scene over and over, running full speed manned by an actor who would most likely be an inexperienced hand.

“None of these actors had ever been on a horse until I put them on a horse,” Taylor says. “You need a special kind of animal to put somebody on that makes them feel comfortable enough and is a horse forgiving enough to take all the miscues that are coming.”

Twix stands out for being an incredibly smooth operator. He has a soft, forgiving attitude, and a slow jog that you can sit back and sip a glass of wine on! He will make you feel like a movie star every time you swing a leg over him. Twix gives new meaning to the phrase “bombproof”. Whether you are out on the trail, stepping into the show pen, or encountering random gunfire- Twix will show up every day with his ears forward and happy to be there!

What makes this horse a cut above the rest is not only his amendable resume, but the full package that comes with him. This is NOT your average ranch horse.

Twix was bred & raised by one of the most recognizable names in the performance horse industry, Schmersal Reining Horses. Craig Schmersal is a $5.4 Million Dollar Rider, who’s entirety of accolades couldn’t fit on this post. He & his family are responsible for making Twix’s sire - $3 Million Dollar Sire, Pale Face Dunnit, the horse he is today. With quality as a byproduct of hard work & commitment, Twix has received the BEST care & education since day one. His look, training, and demeanor are a direct reflection of years of meticulous dedication to excellence in pedigree & performance. And while Twix may not have been one of the horses to make it big time as a reining horse, his career has clearly made him stand out in many other ways.

This horse packs a wealth of knowledge that any amateur can enjoy!

Twix is finished in all his reining maneuvers, has an adorable & easy to navigate extended trot, and will ride off your seat and legs with or without a bridle! He locks onto a circle, and does not require a sophisticated manual to operate. He could easily step into the show pen as a high level ranch rider, versatility horse, or low level reiner. He has been roped off of, can work a gate, sidepass, yield his hips, & spin. He stops on a whoa, and can back up by sticking your feet forward. He is very careful footed, seasoned to rough country, steep inclines, and all sorts of obstacles.

He will give you as much as you ask for, and come right back to you when you’re ready to take it easy. He is push style, and rides comfortably in front of your leg without fuss.

There aren’t very many things this gelding hasn’t done, and from Texas to Montana, he will always sport a friendly and open attitude in new or unfamiliar environments. From hauling to town, trail rides or the arena- Twix packs so much experience, and is truly the kind you can trust day in and day out. He remains calm in the heat of battle.

Twix has taken care of many people and has been put in the spotlight time and time again. It is time for him to hang up his hat and find a forever home that will enjoy him for years to come!

Twix travels sound, but does require maintenance. He is clean legged, loads/hauls, stands tied, is an easy keeper, easy to catch, great for farrier/vet, and has ZERO vices. This sweet doe eyed gelding has a heart of gold, and is very, very lovable.

Located in Gainesville, Tx (Affordable nationwide shipping available)

If you want to meet Twix in person, he is available for trial & vetting on select dates through the duration of the sale. Due to the unique notoriety of this gelding, there will be a $250 booking fee to schedule a ride.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at - Click here to reveal phone number -

*PLEASE NOTE: While this gelding has been in the hands of many notable figures during the course of his career, TWIX IS REPRESENTED SOLELY BY COUTURE CABALLO. No other parties are affiliated or responsible for this horse.

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