Appaloosa Horse Rescued From Bathtub By Firefighters!
General Equestrian News Wednesday 25 February 2015

Bath’s are meant to be a relaxing experience, but that wasn’t the case for Phantom, a 30-year-old Palomino Appaloosa. Phantom fell and became wedged inside a bathtub, which was being used as a feeding trough, whil...


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General Equestrian News Tuesday 17 February 2015
Determine how 'horse crazy' you are by taking the quiz below and scoring 1 for every point you can relate to.   1-5 = Mild horse lover 6-10 = Growing enthusiast 11-15 = ...
Our Top 6 Horse Bloggers You Should Be Following
General Equestrian News Tuesday 18 November 2014

Do you love reading about horses, but not sure which horse bloggers are out there to best fulfill your need for regular and entertaining content? To help you out, we...

Horse Is Scared Of The River, Then It Can't Stop Splashing!
General Equestrian News Monday 17 November 2014
The phrase 'you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink' looks like it could be spun into a whole new saying after seeing this amazing video that has gone viral on Facebo...
13 Life Hacks For Horse People
General Equestrian News Thursday 09 October 2014

Life is an extremely complicated activity as it is. When you add a horse into that life, things get a lot more complicated (and expensive). Soon enough, you will fin...

Looking after an older horse
General Equestrian News Tuesday 27 May 2014

Looking after an older horse

Man gets too close to stable…watch what happens
General Equestrian News Monday 19 May 2014
A man in Philadelphia got a little too close to comfort at Parx Racing when he was nearly bitten in the face by a horse. The mare clocked the worker as he was too close to the stable, even t...
The Mane Attraction…..Equine Supermodels
General Equestrian News Friday 16 May 2014
Artist Julian Wolkenstein transforms these mares into models. Most hairdressers are used to dealing with all different types of hair but Julian Wolkenstein decided to take it a step further ...
The most unique horse markings. You won't believe the last photo
General Equestrian News Thursday 27 March 2014
We all love our horses. We would do anything for our horses, and our horses are easy to spot. To an outsider, horses just look like normal horses but some you can identify by their unusual marking...
They bought a horse and then a month later this happened…you won’t believe your eyes
General Equestrian News Wednesday 26 March 2014
When you buy a horse it's a very special time. You will automatically have the type of breed you like and the kind of horse you want; the process isn’t easy, it can take a while to find ...
Oklahoma's Horse Industry Generates $3.6 Billion in 2012
General Equestrian News Monday 02 December 2013

According to the Oklahoma Equine Alliance, the economic impact generated by the Equine Industry in that state reached $3.6 bi...

Indiana Police Investigate Horse Hair Thefts
General Equestrian News Monday 25 November 2013

Indiana law enforcement is investigating a trio of incidents involving horsehair theft.  

Remembering Jack, and Black Jack
General Equestrian News Monday 18 November 2013

The 50-year anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is this Friday. In memory of the president, the wor...

Decoding Horse Behavior to Prevent Accidents
General Equestrian News Monday 14 October 2013

Horses can’t speak to us, at least not with their voices, but that doesn’t mean they don’t provide ...

A Brief History of the AQHA Congress
General Equestrian News Friday 20 September 2013

In 1966, Blair Folck, the owner of National Equine Sales was in an Ohio Quarter Horse Association board meeting when he repo...

Equine Soccer Gaining Popularity In Montana
General Equestrian News Monday 16 September 2013

There are many ways ...

MiniHorseSales UK & USA Day summer show.
General Equestrian News Tuesday 18 June 2013
June 30th at Oakridge Arena - Newark, Notts, sees an invasion of miniature horses, all gathering with one intention, to share the spotlights at the MiniHorseSales UK & USA Day summer show. We h...
General Equestrian News Friday 18 January 2013
Horse meat was found in burgers in multiple supermarkets throughout the UK. Tesco, Iceland, Lidl, Aldi and Dunnes stores were all confirmed to have stocked the meat which has now been removed...
Crime for fun or money?
General Equestrian News Wednesday 28 November 2012
A mysterious crime has been working its way around Taber and surrounding areas in the South of Canada. The numerous numbers of horses that have had their tails chopped off are being looked into. O...
Charged for Feeding a Police Horse
General Equestrian News Friday 16 November 2012
Francis Kelly caused an uproar from the police when he fed Scottish police horses sausage rolls. Although he was told to stop, Kelly, 41, carried on therefore was charged with breach of the peace....
General Equestrian News Wednesday 14 November 2012
The Longbranch Stable HORSE DESENSITIZING COURSE consisting of 52 natural obstacles (proberly the largest of its kind in the Nation) is now open to train your horse not to spook.  Our trainer...
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