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30 of the Best Horse Films
30 of the Best Horse Films
Below you will find the most comprehensive list of horse movies on the internet. We have included a wide spectrum, with everything from movies for kids, documentaries, those based on racing, true stories and even what you can watch on Netflix. So no matter your age, or preference of cartoon or reality, Horseclicks has collated some of the best horse movies around for you to browse!     Click on any film below to jump straight to a synopsis, or if you just want to browse then scroll down to view all our favorite horse movies!   If you would prefer to browse category, e.g
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50 horses seized, 20 dead at 'concentration camp' ranch in Texas
50 horses seized, 20 dead at 'concentration camp' ranch in Texas
A rescue ranch in North Texas received complaints about the living conditions for the animals residing there. The sheriff's department in coordination with the Human Society of North Texas, investigated and ended up seizing 47 malnourished horses, five donkeys, six dogs and a rabbit. Investigators obtained a seizure warrant for the Thunderfoot Equine Rescue and Rehab Ranch near Grandview. What they found lead them to be immediately concerned. photocred: inform “These animals depend on humans,” said HCSD Chief Deputy Rick White. “There was no running water, there was no food, no hay.” “It was a concentration camp,” Sandy Shelby, executive director of the Humane
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