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16 Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse
16 Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse
It's perfectly natural to feel the urge to chuck your horse some scraps as a reward for good behavior once in a while, or let's face it, sometimes it doesn't even have to be for good behavior! Sometimes we just want to treat those big puppy dog eyes. But it's vitally important owners are aware that not all, what we would consider treats, are safe for our equine friends.    UK based equine retailer has put together this great little infographic nicely detailing some of the safe treats, as well as those things you should never feed your horse.    Check it out below:  
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50 horses seized, 20 dead at 'concentration camp' ranch in Texas
50 horses seized, 20 dead at 'concentration camp' ranch in Texas
A rescue ranch in North Texas received complaints about the living conditions for the animals residing there. The sheriff's department in coordination with the Human Society of North Texas, investigated and ended up seizing 47 malnourished horses, five donkeys, six dogs and a rabbit. Investigators obtained a seizure warrant for the Thunderfoot Equine Rescue and Rehab Ranch near Grandview. What they found lead them to be immediately concerned. photocred: inform “These animals depend on humans,” said HCSD Chief Deputy Rick White. “There was no running water, there was no food, no hay.” “It was a concentration camp,” Sandy Shelby, executive director of the Humane
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