12 Horses Who Are Ecstatic To See You
General Equestrian News Wednesday 25 March 2015

For dedicated equestrians, going to see your horse is the highlight of your day/week/month/year. You spend all day thinking about them. Sometimes we worry that our equine friends do not return these feelings, which is why it's the best feeling in t...

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Sell More With HorseClicks Infinity
Product News Tuesday 24 March 2015
We are extremely excited to announce the release of our brand new and innovative website package that will revolutionize the way you advertise online.  Introducing: Infinity

Monday 23 March 2015

In the early part of the 20th Century, a very unusual phenomenon started to develop in Atlantic City. On the Steel Pier, horses were being launched off a 40 or 60 fo...

Is This The Best Horse Farm Ever? Wait Until You See The Price
Friday 27 February 2015

If you’ve ever wondered what horsey heaven would look like, you may be about to discover the answer. It’s in Flor...

Appaloosa Horse Rescued From Bathtub By Firefighters!
General Equestrian News Wednesday 25 February 2015

Bath’s are meant to be a relaxing experience, but that wasn’t the case for Phantom, a 30-year-old Palomino Appalo...

General Equestrian News Tuesday 17 February 2015
Determine how 'horse crazy' you are by taking the quiz below and scoring 1 for every point you can relate to.   1-5 = Mild horse lover 6-10 = Growing enthusiast 11-15 = ...
Something strange happened between a goat and a horse. Cute!
Tuesday 27 January 2015

Love is in the air on a farm in the South of France, and it has been caught on video by farm owner Virginie Bourdes. What is unusual about this romance is that it is...

17 of the most creative cross country and horse show jumps in the world
Monday 05 January 2015

Who says all horse jumps have to look the same? We have found some of the most creative homemade and professional jumps for show jumping and cross country in the wor...

These Dramatic Horse Rescues Caught On Camera Are Unbelievable
Tuesday 16 December 2014

It's heartwarming to see the lengths people will go to rescue a horse in trouble. We've put together some of the most heroic rescue missions we could find, s...

Monday 15 December 2014
It was just your normal Mexican themed house party, until a man wearing a sombrero trotted a horse onto the dance floor. What is even more surprising is that the horse started to dance in perfect ...
Santa Falls On Hard Times And Tries To Sell Rudolph!
Monday 08 December 2014
We've seen some interesting horse for sale adverts on HorseClicks in the past, but none as strange as this one. However instead of horses, we have seen an advert for a reindeer appear on our s...
Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Pulled From Holiday Adverts
Celebrity/Rider News Tuesday 25 November 2014

The holidays just won't be the same after the country's No.3 beer brand Budweiser announced that the traditional Clydesdale horses that usually feature in th...

32 Horses Killed In Devastating Stable Fire, 5 Escape
Monday 24 November 2014

A devastating stable fire has resulted in the death of 32 horses at Valley View Acres horse stable near Woodstock, in unincorporated McHenry Country, Illinois. The f...

Our Top 6 Horse Bloggers You Should Be Following
General Equestrian News Tuesday 18 November 2014

Do you love reading about horses, but not sure which horse bloggers are out there to best fulfill your need for regular and entertaining content? To help you out, we...

Horse Is Scared Of The River, Then It Can't Stop Splashing!
General Equestrian News Monday 17 November 2014
The phrase 'you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink' looks like it could be spun into a whole new saying after seeing this amazing video that has gone viral on Facebo...
Woman says emotional goodbye to her horse shortly before her death
Tuesday 11 November 2014

A British cancer patient was granted her wish to say goodbye to her beloved horse shortly before dying. Sheila Marsh had raised her horse, Bronwen, for 25 years from...

This One-Eyed Cyclops Horse Has Scientists Confused - Real or Fake?
Tuesday 04 November 2014

A one-eyed horse, nicknamed “Cyclops”, has been baffling scientists at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. It was born last summer in Zeal...

10 Horse Gifs That Perfectly Describe Your Week
Tuesday 28 October 2014
Monday "I don't wanna go to work!"   Tuesday You're in full work mode.   ...
Horses On The Roads - Are Drivers Doing Enough?
Friday 24 October 2014

With the holiday season approaching, many drivers from less rural areas may be making their way into the country to visit family, go apple picking or maybe...

Horse Chased By Police Through Busy New York Streets (Video)
Tuesday 21 October 2014

We’ve all seen a high speed car chase, but have you ever seen a high speed HORSE chase? The group called New Yorkers for Clean, Liveable and Safe Str...

This Cute Video Of A Foal And Dog Playing Will Make You Smile
Wednesday 15 October 2014

Dogs may be man's best friend, but that doesn't mean they can't have other friends. This is possibly one of the cutest videos we have ever seen, and is g...

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