To join a conversation room, click on the section Chat, on the top pink menu, and then choose a room.
To digit a message, simply enter the text on the lower rectangle on the window and press “Send”. The messages entered on the main window are seen by everyone else on the room. The list of members on the room is presented on the right column of the window, below the corresponding room.

The messages can be accompanied with smilies, available on the button with a smiling face.
There are different status available: “Here”, “Busy” “Away” and “BRB” (Be right back), which indicate your availability to interact with others.

To change your status, click on the combo box on the left bottom of the window. This information is shared with other members on the chat.
There are many different room in which you can participate. To change rooms, simply choose another room from the top combo box. You can only be in one room at a time, so if you choose another room you are automatically removed from the previous one.
To interact with other user, press it’s username on the list on the right and start to share private instant messages with him. 
To change the preferences, press the button “Options”. You can change the color scheme, sounds, lettering type, etc.
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