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Frequently asked questions
What is a Welsh Pony?
A Welsh Pony is a breed of small horse originating in Wales that dates back to the late 17th century! Traditionally, these ponies have been used for riding and showing, but they are also popular as children's pets and driving animals. Welsh Ponies come in four categories: Welsh Mountain (smallest), Section A (medium-sized), Section B (larger but still light) and Section C (heavier). The heights generally range from 12hh up to 14hh; under 12hh horses are considered ponies. This breed has a certain look many recognize – its head is usually small with large eyes, a deep muzzle and small ears. Its legs are short but sturdy, with low hocks and well-defined fetlock joints. It has an arched neck that blends into wide shoulders; its body should be compact yet roomy enough to carry an adult rider comfortably. Its coat is generally chestnut or bay with moderately long manes/tails which can become quite shaggy if left uncut! Finally, Welsh Ponies possess great agility due to their strong hindquarters which enable them to jump confidently over fences or obstacles on any terrain! They’re known for being very gentle, intelligent creatures who bond easily with people and make excellent family companions - so much so that Queen Elizabeth II kept some at her personal stables! They’re also incredibly versatile; though typically thought of as show animals or pleasure mounts, these hardy ponies have also been used for different equestrian disciplines like dressage events or even cutting competitions!