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318 C Cunagin Road
Mckee, Kentucky
Monday - Thursday 8:00a.m - 5:00p.m Friday - Sunday Appointment Only

Valley Mist Stables

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⭐️***Please Read First!!***⭐️
Here at Valley Mist Stables our passion is trail riding and working with good quality, gentle well-mannered horses that already have potential. We are very careful as to what we buy to take and resale. The majority of our horses we take them in at a young age starting them in our training program, Most of our older horses come from individuals out in the country or horses we personally know and have ridden with in trails, if we know the horse & have trail ridden with it before we still take it in and try it with OUR ways of qualifying for resale, We keep each of our potential sale horses for several months and they get at least 60 consistent days of professional training! We do not work in a round pen, we take our horses out to the wide open world where they will encounter everything a horses needs to see! We take our horses on trail rides testing them in all kinds of different situations like how they handle in tight dangerous spots in trails like between a downed tree next to a river, We try our horses about anyway you can think of with a horse making sure to be absolutely safe & sane trail ready...busy traffic, atv’s, bicyclists, hikers, wild animals(Deer darting out,Turkeys flying up), crossing water, bridges, fallen logs, farm equipment...etc. We like to make sure our horses can handle being ridden on roads as well, we leave our home & ride the country roads around here where the horses will encounter busy traffic(semis, buses, motorcycles),ATV's, several dogs running out barking under their feet, other livestock(cows,donkeys,goats,llamas etc.)& loose horses running out beside them, As well as them scary yard ornaments, blow up holiday decorations. We also make sure they can ride well with other horses , they have to not mind being in the back of the group, middle or leading the line & won't get excited stopping to wait behind or in front by themselves, we also spend time riding our horses in trails all by themselves making sure they handle exactly the same as with a friend along! We can promise if a horse has a MAJOR problem considering bucking, rearing up, kicking, biting, running away or cold backed it will NEVER be for resale as well as barn weavers, cribbers or barn/buddy sour horses!!!
I am not going to tell you our horses are 100% bombproof and won't do the first thing wrong they are LIVING ANIMALS, but I can say they have made it through OUR qualifications & got approved, most of our horses are sold to beginners, older people or people that have never ridden a horse before!
We offer any potential buyer to try before they buy & what we mean by this a group of us saddle up at our farm & directly go riding in trails (The trails surrounding us are for intermediate trail riders, KY trails are somewhat rough).We want our customers 100% Satisfied before leaving with their new trail buddy & we look forward to them becoming repeat customers!!

We are available to show our horses by appointment.
If you have any questions or concerns
please give Lloyd a call @ (606)-681-6500

He is the Owner & Training at Valley Mist Stables, He is also the rider you see in all of our horse videos!

Send us a email :

Thinking about making one of our horses your forever trail buddy?
* If you want more pictures or videos of our horses showing something you didn't see in them please feel free to ask anything & we will try our best to get it for you!
* We encourage you to personally come out and actually trail ride our horses that way you can get the true feel and will be satisfied before you take the horse home with you!
* We are 100% honest & our horses are free of all drugs ALWAYS! We don’t mind if you request to have a drug test performed on our horses!
Our horses are also checked out by our veterinarian for the following(NO EXTRA FEE for the buyer; on us)
Negative Coggins with a health certificate(shipping purposes only shows horses new address, temperature & Coggins Test results , Teeth Float(if needed), & Trail horses will have four new shoes with traction.
All of our horses are being sold as sound determined by us however; we are not a licensed veterinarian. With that being said any potential buyer is more than welcome & encouraged to a veterinarian pre-purchase exam at their expense & choice of any veterinarian they want to use (we don’t mind if you fly your own personal one in to come to our barn to examine your potential horse!) to be completely satisfied with horses physical health & condition before you decide to buy from us!
We will hold a horse for you!
If you have to wait up to a week(7 days)to make the trip to meet your next potential trail buddy, We don't care to hold the horse for you...
* We do ask for a non-refundable small deposit ASAP
* MAKE ARRANGMENTS IMMEDIATELY WITH US TO COME OUT TO MEET/TRAIL RIDE! We require the potential buyer to collect animal in a timely manner after deposit is paid within 1 week (7 days) unless certain circumstances arise, after this time period we will charge a boarding fee of $100 per week(7 days) additional to purchase price. We the sellers are responsible for the animal up to the day it leaves our premises by collection/delivery, if any down payment is paid & unfortunately for some reason death/injury occurs in our care still on our premises we the sellers will give back your full refund of any down payment/deposits received to us!
We accept PayPal for Deposits Only NOT Full Payment
(bank wire is the safest/fasted for Full Payment).
We have Receipts with Agreements & will email/text as soon as we receive any type of Payment/Deposits! ...Read full bio