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Sky Island Tennessee Walker LLC

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We only sell Eastern Foundation Bred Tennessee Walkers. I go back east and hand pick all the Walkers I sell. I have a very strict criteria that they must meet. This is to assure that you will be getting the very best Walkers. We have at least 8-12 Walkers for you to choose from at all times. In my selection process I watch the Walkers being ridden and then choose the ones I am most interested in and then I ride then myself to assure they exactly meet my criteria. My criteria includes Appearance and conformation, a good solid 4beat gait, a smooth ride, easy to handle from the saddle and ease of saddling and handling on the ground. My goal is to bring Tennessee Walkers of the highest quality to my customers here in the Southwest. I have sold my horses mainly in Arizona but also have horses in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, California. I even had a customer drive from Georgia to by one of my Buckskin Geldings. He stayed for almost a month(RV and power hookups available at that time). They will be available soon at our new location also. I try to cover all bases in my pricing of my horses. They start at $5000 and up. Remember that I have to drive back east to get them for you and that cost is included in the price. I could have them transported to me but then the personal touch of me laying hands on them and riding them to assure their quality would be missing. Visit our website at Skyislandtennesseewalkersllc.com to see all of our available Horse and soon to be available horses ...Read full bio
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