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Western Riding Peruvian Paso for sale

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SubcategoryPeruvian Paso
Age7 yrs
Height14.2 hands
LocationKentwood, LA 70444
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Frequently asked questions
What is a Peruvian Paso horse?
The Peruvian Paso horse is a unique breed of horse that is native to Peru. It has been bred for centuries and was originally used by Incan and Spanish aristocracy for transportation and display. The Peruvian Paso has a natural four-beat gait called the paso llano, which is smooth, comfortable ride for humans. This rare breed stands 14-15 hands high and comes in all colors, though they’re most commonly found in chestnut, grey or black. They have long manes and tails with thick feathering on their lower legs that helps protect them from harsh climates. And due to their strong constitution, they are known to be very hardy animals who can carry large loads over miles of terrain without becoming tired or fatigued quickly. Originally bred by Spanish colonists using Arabian bloodlines mixed with Criollo horses, this robust breed was further refined during the 20th century through intentional efforts aimed at improving its speed while maintaining its agility and strength as an ideal riding horse – making it popular among livestock management personnel such as hacendados (cattle ranchers) and charros (Mexican cowboys). Today the Peruvian Paso continues to gain popularity around the world due its combination of smooth gaits combined with sensible behavior that allows riders – even inexperienced ones – feel safe but still have fun atop these gentle giants! They are also often exhibited in shows where owners show off their extraordinary beauty including details like rich headwear costumes called tapadas traditionally adorned with precious metals like silver coins sewn onto them. For those interested in learning more about the Peruvian Paso Horse we recommend checking out Horseclicks - - which provides extensive information on this noble steed!