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United States of America
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$ 2,247
Imus 4-Beat® Saddle Deluxe Package (Only 2-3 weeks shipping! Accessories Ship Same Day)
Phoenix Rising Saddles
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$ 2,247

Imus 4-Beat® Saddle Deluxe Package (Only 2-3 weeks shipping! Accessories Ship Same Day)

Jamestown, Chautauqua, New York, New York
ad ref. HT8207F08
4 inchesJamestown, Chautauqua, New York,

Looking for the best trail saddle? You've found the right place! We have the best trail saddles, built for comfort for both horse and rider.

We put together a package that will get you and your horse all started on the right foot (hoof?) with the Imus line of products and save $130!

For more information about Imus 4-Beat Saddles® check out our short informational video about our tree and Supracor HERE

Need Help fitting your horse? We provide expert fitting support HERE

Learn all about the Imus 4-Beat Saddles HERE

Included With Each Package

* Imus 4-Beat® Saddle (full leather) with your choice of color, size and configuration
* Imus 4-Beat® Saddle Pad with your choice of color
* Choice of 2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit™ or our 2nd Gen ImusTraining/Transition Bit
* Matching Imus 4-Beat® Breast Collar
* Matching Imus 4-Beat® Supracor padded stirrups
* Choice of matching 4-Beat® Bridle or Original Ride 'N Tie
* Choice of matching 4-Beat® Split Reins or Braided Reins
* Below is a description of each of our saddle options

Standard Cantle: Seat leather is folded over the back of the seat and tacked in to place. Looks good and is long-lasting. Comes with leather rosettes. No additional charge.

Shown below in pecan with our smooth seat


Cheyenne Roll Cantle: Hand-rolled lip that matches the saddle leather. Has a ridge underneath the lip to allow the rider to reach back and grab under the cantle. Leather rosettes. Finished look and functional too! $75 additional charge.

Cheyenne Roll shown below in pecan with a rough-out seat (description below)


Pencil Roll Cantle Package: 1" hand-rolled finished lip done in the same leather as your saddle. Adds 1" to seat depth and the additional tooling around the pommel and keepers and silver conchos instead of leather rosettes give a nice finished look. $100 additional charge.

Pencil roll shown below in black with an endurance pommel


Floral Tooling: Comes with the standard 4-Beat® tooling plus the fenders, jockey, pommel and cantle are all hand-tooled in a floral pattern. Also comes with the pencil roll and silver conchos. $600 additional charge plus 3-5 weeks shipping because it is hand-carved custom tooling.

Shown below in pecan western with the CA Twist and rough-out seat and also shown in black endurance with western fenders and a CA Twist


Standard Smooth Seat: Smooth seat leather is vat-dyed for long-lasting color that won't rub off. Smooth seat leather allows your hips to freely move with your horse. Comes standard with no additional charge.

Shown below in Pecan Endurance with Leathers and a pencil roll


Rough-Out Seat: Chap leather is used on the seat to give a little extra grip. Vat-dyed leather won't fade or bleed. $25 additional charge.

Shown below in black western with the pencil roll package


Standard Fender: Fenders come standard hanging straight down. Due to the high-quality full grain leather we use, break-in period is fairly short. Stirrups are easy to pick up with your feet due to the forward placement of the fenders. Some prefer stirrups that are pre-turned, which we can do for you.


CA Twist (pre-turned fenders): We can pre-turn the fenders for you by softening and turning the leather and then wrapping the fender rigging with soft leather to hold it in place. The wrapping can be taken off once fully broken-in. Additional cost is $30.

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Length4 inches
CountryUnited States of America
Price$ 2,247

Phoenix Rising Saddles
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