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$ 4,500

horse for sale

Danville, New Hampshire
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8 yrs 11 mths15.2 hands
Color Bay2 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
United States of America$ 4,500
Danville, NH 03819

Horse For Sale

Curious George
Breed – most likely QH Arab Mix – backyard breeder project likely
Age – 9 Color: Bay
Temperament – On the Ground – 1 or 2 very quiet tends to be non reactive – allows 2 and 3 year old children to lead him around, sit on him, ride atvs around him. Can throw things around him, flail, yell, act crazy – watches you with amusement. Fairly unflappable. Gentle for treats
Temperament – Under Saddle – 2 to 7 with small children and leadline when not asked for much is 100% safe as much as any horse is 100% safe. In the arena with an intermediate rider is around a 3 or 4 – is quiet and goes well but tries to get behind the leg and will throw a buck if allowed to get stuck for too long when you make him come forward again. 7 is a 7 at the beach or on the trail when others are cantering – he has a competitive edge and is offended if others are allowed to go and he is not. Will dance and express his displeasure with spins and broncs and small rears. However, can school cross country in a group and once you convince him to leave his friends he will happily calmly jump around or follow a lead horse reasonably (just don’t pass him)

Conformation – Poor (picture the horse you drew in 4th grade) post legged, slightly misaligned jaw, cheeks to big for his face, long back. Popped splints in both of his front spindly legs, Tiny QH feet, slightly chipped front tooth. Right eye 2 small central juvenile cataracts (don’t appear to hinder vision per vet)

Soundness – Fair
Sound for trail, pleasure riding, jumping for fun if you don’t care about leads or a slight hitch. Not 100% - We have explored most general veterinary options aside from the SI injections. His conformation really isn’t ideal and is likely a large factor. He is currently ‘sound’ but short strides slightly with his left hind when asked to step under, and cross canters and swaps his leads when cantering. It was initially just the left lead and he would hold the right lead but now with equioxx and pentosan IM injections for 10 weeks he is still hitchy when tracking up and swapping his right lead in the back as well. (see videos of lunging, longlining, and riding) Would likely be suitable for 5 or 6 day a week pony ride or light rides or 2-3 days per week heavier rides. Not suitable for 5-6 day a week heavy program.

What he does well –
• Stands for vet and farrier (occasionally doesn’t mesh with a vet but allows injections from most), Trailers
• Stands tied to trailer or X-ties for hours
• Patient around children
• Leads quietly and respectfully
• Good ground manners (little bit of cookie hound in your pocket)
• Good for bathing and sheath cleaning
• Comes to you in the paddock
• Rides bareback, English or western tack happily (easy fit is medium wide or semi-qh bars)
• Goes through water (likes to play and splash) / over bridges
• Tricks (hug, bow, stand on things with front legs)

What he enjoys –
Giving pony rides to littles, being groomed and loved on
Trails with others (will go alone but needs confident rider to let him know its ok to be with just your rider)
Jumping – he greatly enjoys jumping both in the arena, on XC and hunter paces. Even though his body isn’t great for it
Western games – he knows a barrel pattern and pole bending likely from his past we found out by chance at a fun show
Pleasure riding – poking around walk trot canter nose up no collection
What he does not enjoy –
Dressage or hunters where collection is required – the way he is built explains his dislike (though SI injections could help with this) with experienced rider he will do it and he will stretch down into the connection and lift through the back
Horses passing him on the trail or being middle or back of the pack when riding fast in a group (its his competitive nature)
Trail riding alone isn’t his favorite
Swimming – will go in water but not deep enough to swim

Vices –
Teeth grinding when bitted (may have a low palate due to conformation we have experimented with some bits but not all) when ridden by experienced rider only consistently amount decreases significantly
Likely to get sticky / stuck and behind the leg aid – if he gets there then you tap him forward with a whip will buck
If you get to handsy and on his face and ignore his warnings he doesn’t like it will rear
Temperature changes make him gas colicy at times (gas x works as a preventative in weather swing extremes)
Some bug bite oversensitivity to some bugs – gets welts/ hives from some and sometimes they get infected
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