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Frequently asked questions
What is a Fox Trotter horse?
The Fox Trotter, formally known as the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, is a unique breed of horse that has quite an interesting history. It was developed in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri during the late 19th century by settlers like James Walker and his sons who sought to create a powerful but comfortable riding horse that could trot quickly and carry weight safely. The result was a smooth-gaited horse that became popular in both show rings and trails alike! So what makes this breed so special? For starters, Fox Trotters are hardy horses renowned for their mild temperaments; they're even said to enjoy being groomed or pampered! They have kind eyes, broad chests, short backs, well-sprung ribs and strong legs - perfect for those long trail rides! Plus they have an incredibly surefooted gait suitable for navigating rough terrain comfortably. Variations of colors can be seen with these horses such as chestnut roan, golden flaxen palomino or bay sabino – but no matter what color they are striped with one thing remains certain: A fox trotter will never let you down when you take him out on those long rides in the countryside. Whether you're looking for competition success or just want something sturdy enough to accompany you on your outdoor adventure - look no further than a trusty missouri fox trottin' friend! You can find more information about this amazing breed right here on