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Wild Horses From The Outer Banks Are Seen Swimming From Island To Island Seeking Food

On Friday 5th October, three wild horses were spotted swimming from one island to another to find food.

The video beautifully captures two adults and one younger horse swimming along with their heads just above the water, before reaching the island and climbing out onto the marsh. The three swam to the other island to find food.

The National Park Service on Facebook explained: “These three Shackleford Banks horses (were) swimming out to a marsh island to graze,”

The video was filmed by a passenger on board the ferry that was heading to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, after being posted on Facebook on Saturday 6th October it gained over 32,000 views.

“I was on this ferry and it was amazing to watch,” posted Jenny McCallum of Laurinburg, N.C., on Facebook. “I was worried about the baby, but he/she made it.”

The Shackleford Banks is an extremely popular tourist destination and is also home to 118 wild horses. The herd is among the largest of ‘banker horses’ on the North Carolina Coast.

Some experts can't understand how the horses are able to endure such powerful storms with such ease considering that humans have to evacuate the islands, however, it is thought that swimming is among the herd's survival methods.

In last month’s storm, it is suspected by experts that one horse named Merlin was forced to swim to survive Hurricane Florence after the site was flooded with deep waters.

Herd staff evacuated before the hurricane hit, but officials said evidence suggested the fenced-in site was inundated with deep water for days.

Watch the video here: