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Wild Horses Are Well Equipped To Survive Hurricane Florence

For the areas that are going to be hit hard by hurricane Florence, wild horse experts are confident that the animals will be able to cope with the stormy weather well.

The horses who are native to North Carolina's banks will be in the path of hurricane Florence when it strikes on Friday. Many animal lovers have been sharing their concerns for the horses’ safety online but those who work closely with the animals have been reassuring them that they will be able to withstand the storm.

They say that the horses will be able to ride out the storm as they have survived many in the past.

The horses are extremely sensitive to weather changes and will instinctively know what to do during the storm.

Sue Stuska, a wildlife biologist said that the horses will seek higher ground during floods and find shrubbed areas or forest to shelter from high winds. They will
aslo huddle together in groups to protect themselves. The horses’ natural habitat is outside and if they have high ground and sheltered areas to go to they will be fine.  

'Don't worry about them. They've survived for hundreds of years, and we expect that they'll be just fine.'

Despite the reassurance from horse owners and wildlife experts, people on social media are still sharing their thoughts for the
horse's safety.

‘Thinking of all of the horses as Florence approaches. ... Praying for their safety,' wrote one concerned woman.


'Prayers for protection from the storm for these beautiful animals & the young foals,' wrote another.