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USEF Turn to the Public to Help the Horses of Storm Harvey


The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has initiated an Equine Disaster Relief Fund to help save the many horses that have been put in danger by the horrific effects of Storm Harvey, giving you the opportunity to directly make a difference.


Whilst the extreme winds and flash floods rip through Texas, Louisiana and many other southern states, it is easy to forget that these threats may put the lives of thousands of horses at risk as well as the people in the area. As they are warned to flee the affected areas as quickly as possible, it is the sad reality that many horses may be left to fend for themselves in this mad rush to escape. With no real idea of where to go and nobody to care for them, these horses could be stranded in the centre of chaos; cold, hungry and possibly injured too.


The job to save them has already been started by many equine communities within badly damaged areas. A handful of enthusiasts have begun to provide shelter and supplies to animals and their owners across Texas, but this will not be enough to distribute the full veterinary care that will keep these horses alive.



            You can follow the latest on Hurricane Harvey via ‘Fox News’’ Twitter feed.


This has become USEF's main concern and they are giving the public the chance to make a difference. Their new Disaster Relief Fund allows you to make a loving donation that could be vital in the protection of horses and the equine centres that are in the area. Donation amounts are entirely customisable, meaning you can choose to help one horse, or the entire population - USEF state that 'Any donation to the Equine Disaster Relief Fund is a timely and efficient benefit for horses and horse owners'. The money that they collect will help to provide direct assistance such as shelter, first aid, food and safety equipment and will only be distributed upon the approval of USEF president Murray Kessler to ensure that those in desperate need are primarily supported.


These are desperate times for the equestrian community as not only do they have to save themselves and their belongings, but they must protect their beloved horses also. Although some have no choice but to flee, many stay and hope that your donations come in.


To make a vital donation, you can click here.

If you wish to find out more information directly from USEF, you can contact them here:

Mark Coley

4047 Iron Works Pkwy

Lexington, KY 40511