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Unusual Sight Of 7 Huge Horses Sleeping In A Cosy Barn

Horses can be comical characters, especially when it’s playtime, so what one lady saw when she stepped into this cosy little barn was highly entertaining.

Although horses are quite calm and gentle animals when they are in their stables, no one knew that is is how they liked to kick back and relax in their spare time.

The common way for horses to nap is usually standing up, drifting in and out of sleep with their heads bobbing up and down.  

Horses can get a lot of sleep this way but they lie down when they require REM sleep, also known as rapid eye movement sleep. Naturally, the amount of REM sleep they require is very little, so they don’t have to lie down very often. Many horses also lay down for comfort or just because they want to do so.


Horses tend to nap standing up as it allows them to spring into action quicker, if they come under attack by predator, than if they were laying down. This is called the ‘stay apparatus’ method. It’s a process of ligaments and tendons that keep them standing upright with ease.


Another method they use to gain some much needed sleep is called the ‘buddy system.’ This is where one horse would stay on watch while the other sleeps. In a herd the role of the watch horse would usually rotate until the whole herd has had all the sleep they need. This includes the horses laying down for REM sleep if necessary.


In most cases, horses adopt the ‘buddy system’ sleeping method when they are in a stable or barn, but not this herd of heavy-eyed horses…



The group of 7 large horses were chilling out and having what looked like a slumber party when one lady stepped into this cosy little barn. Lying on the ground and fully relaxed they stretched out next to each other for good company.


The herd settle right back into their naps, snoring away. You’ve never seen a group of horses look more comfortable!  


Watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMJsqXzz5zs