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Two Police Horses Receive Medical Attention After Being Attacked By Pitbull

Two police horses have been attacked by a Pitbull in South Africa.

All horse lovers know that you care for your horse like you care for a child, but what can you do when they come under attack by a vicious Pitbull?

The two police horses named Thunder and Lorika, were attacked whilst they were patrolling the streets with their police riders at around 13:20 in Port Elizabeth on the 26th June.

Colonel Priscilla Naidu, a police spokesman said that the two horses were attacked by a black Pitbull whilst patrolling on the corners of Kraai and Caledon streets in the Sherwood area.

She said the dog appeared out of nowhere, taking the horses by surprise and sending them into
panic. The Pitbull continued to jump up at the horses to around shoulder height while biting both of them on the back half.

"One of the riders was thrown off his horse as the horse reacted to the surprise attack."

Sadly, both horses needed several stitches, which they received at a nearby veterinary clinic before being sedated and returned to their stables where they were able to recover.

police horse


The officer who was thrown from his horse was taken to hospital for further treatment.

The owner of the dog has now been traced. The owner informed the police that the dog had escaped from the yard and had not returned. 

Police spokesman, Naidu said a case of malicious injury to property and vicious dog at large had been opened at SAPS Kabega Park.