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Top sellers on HorseClick's


Some of HorseClick’s top sellers


More and more people like you are growing their equine business with the help of HorseClick’s.


HorseClick’s is the US’s busiest equine marketplace for buying & selling anything horse related. Some of our top equine businesses have taken advantage of this by advertising their business with us and it has been a huge success for them. Here are their stories:


7 S ranch



7 S Ranch joined HorseClick’s in 2016. Since they started their plan, they have had an impressive 109 enquiries. Their average ad view is a massive 1110 views! They have a stocklisting with us, but are also taking advantage of having an advanced website with HorseClick’s too.


“We have advertised with Horseclicks.com for several years. When we first started we only had a few head of horses to put on horseclicks. We didn't even have a website yet. Our business grew with our leads coming from HorseClick’s. The thought of needing a website was becoming a necessity. So I built my own from one of those free website sights. It worked for a while, but it was double the work uploading on both horseclicks.com and my web site.


I had received a phone call from Drew Macke, with Horseclicks.com and he explained the need for a website that would be tied to our horseclicks account, and with our horseclicks contract we could get our website free and the horseclicks team would build it.  This was the best move I have ever made. I now upload everything on horseclicks.com and it automatically updates our website. The horseclicks team built our website in a matter of days, and it is very professional. I would highly recommend Horseclicks.com for any and all equine related advertising. - Jana, 7S Ranch/Racing Stables


Beaver Creek Farm



Beaver Creek Farm started their plan in 2017. Since then, they have had a huge amount of enquiries already. Their average ad view is a massive 2028 views! Below is what they say about us:


“I have sold four straight Egyptian Arabians over the last 18 months - two yearlings, one two year old, and one can-do-anything eight year old, in the mid-price range, solely through my account with HorseClicks. No other form of advertising (eblasts, magazine ads, exhibiting at shows) has been as effective. I highly recommend the site as cost-effective, results-driven and user-friendly.” - Patrea Pabst, Beaver Creek Arabians


Porter Quarter Horses have been with HorseClicks for five years now. In the time they have been with us, they have had around 400 enquiries. Their average ad view is 2122 views per ad!


Find out what else we can do to help you sell more. We have additional advertising features to offer for your business such as banner advertising, email marketing to our large equine audience and we even specialise in website creation for equine businesses!

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