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Tail Lights For Horses Can Help Prevent Accidents

Everyone who loves horse riding knows how important safety is, especially riding on the roads. Whether you’ve had loved ones involved in accidents or not, we can all agree the roads are a dangerous place at times.

It’s so important that you make yourself visible to anyone else who may be using the roads.  Currently, a lot of riders use high visibility jackets to reflect the light, so that drivers are able to see them, but there are still many accidents happening today.

Sami Gros developed a brand new idea to improve riders’ visibility after she was involved in a car accident whilst riding at night.

She invented tail lights for horses which give drivers a clear indication that there are riders on the road. She used simple LED lights to give off a clear, bright light which you are able to attach to your horse's tail and to the front of your horse. She appropriately named her new product ‘tail lights.’

tail lights

Her new invention was loved by the mounted police and soon expanded, becoming a real craze with endurance riders too.

Other professionals have jumped on the bandwagon and agree that this is a great idea for both rider and horse safety and will use them whenever they are riding at night.

You can personalize your tail lights by choosing what color you’d like, from the variety available. You can also adjust the brightness of the lights as well.

This is certainly a great invention to help us all become safer on the roads, and will prevent many accidents caused by poor visibility.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvp8lVbaWGU#action=share