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Ranching family develops revolutionary new horse feeders and waterers


Josh Jones and his family live on a ranch in Donnelly, Idaho near the bustling resort town of McCall. In the beginning, their ranch was nothing but a piece of bare dirt and some old fencing.  They bought the land, then bought some canvas, sewed a tent and moved their family of 5 kids into the tent while they started building their house. It was an adventure from the beginning.


Josh Jones has a construction management degree and a knack for building things. He is an innovator and has been trying new ways to be more efficient on his ranch and save time and money. In doing so, Josh has developed products that he believes are revolutionary and will change how you feed your horse. He started stablerevolutions.com to share his product with you. At this time, he has some revolutionary new horse feeders and waterers with a lot of other products on the backburner getting ready to launch.

HorseClicks decided to speak to Josh and his family to learn more.

Why did you build these products?

Our story is the same as it probably is for you- how do you control feed costs for your animals and reduce waste? Feed costs rise every year. Waste is less money in my pocket. Waste is also added time for clean-up.

Unsatisfied with what the market was presenting us, we set out to find our own solution to feeding our animals with less waste. Those products didn't offer the complete solution that we were looking for.

We were looking for products that allowed for natural grazing.

We were looking for a product that allowed for less waste.

We were looking for a product that gave us the ability to put more than one feeding in our feeder and thus reducing our time spent feeding.

The products we came up with, during months of testing at our ranch, have revolutionized our ranch. It's added more money in our pocket through less hay waste. It's reduced the time significantly in wasted hay clean-up. It's reduced the feeding time since you can put more than one feeding in it.

These products have revolutionized our ranch.

Horse Feeders


Why our horse feeder?        

Our horse feeders can help you save feed costs because there will be less waste on the ground, give your horse a more natural grazing experience while simultaneously providing them continual access to hay. You will also be able to put more than one feeding in the feeder and save you time and hassle in getting back to feed your horses for the twice a day feedings. Since they have constant access to hay and can eat whenever they want which results in a happier, healthier horse.

Save feed costs

Are you are discouraged by all the hay your horses waste?  Did you know that small square bale hay waste without a feeder is greater than >13%. With the Stable Revolutions Stall feeders you can save an average of $11.25 per month per stall in feed costs alone!


Health Reasons


In an industry that so often focuses on natural horsemanship, there is very little in the way that many barns feed that resembles anything natural. Horses are flight animals and as such were created to be ready to flee from danger at a moment’s notice. They eat many small meals throughout the day and night. Horses on pasture will graze for up to 20 hours per day. When horses are fed large infrequent meals, like the typical twice a day regimen, they experience significant shifts in body fluids and stomach acids that stress their digestive systems and often leads to gastric ulcers and other maladies. The constant ingestion of fiber provided by continuous grazing is necessary to maintain more stable fluid levels and buffer stomach acids. Additionally, horses naturally eat with theirs heads down. This position allows nasal passages to drain and keeps airways clear.

Many of the feed systems on the market today do not address these health concerns and many significantly complicate them. Hay nets and racks are often set high in order to avoid horses getting a foot entangled in them when they paw at them. Feeding with their heads up can result in hay particles getting in eyes and airways leading to eye irritation and respiratory problems. Many bin type feeders require a horse to put their head into the feeder which restricts vision and increases anxiety. With these feeder’s, horses will grab a mouthful of feed and drag it out of the feeder to munch on while they keep an eye on the surroundings and in the process dropping a lot of feed on the ground. If they become startled while their head is in the feeder they will often hit their head as they attempt to flee causing bumps, bruises, cuts, and additional anxiety at feeding time. Bale containment type feeders or just feeding hay on the ground allow horses to ingest dirt and sand particles which can often lead to sand colic which is lethal and only addressed through a very costly surgical procedure.

Finally, many feed systems are not designed to promote a natural continuous grazing schedule and those that do generally result in significant waste.

Stable Revolutions feeders address all these health concerns as well as greatly reducing waste and labor costs. These feeders promote a more natural grazing experience for horses. Horses feed with their heads in a natural healthy position near the ground. A constant supply of forage is available delivered in a way that is safe and promotes improved health, less anxiety, and all but eliminates waste. This feeder also significantly reduces feeding and stall cleaning labor costs thereby paying for itself in the first year. If you a searching for the best stall feeding system available, look no further.

Reduce feeding time

Most barns are on a twice a day feed regiment. Not only is this not the healthiest option for the horses but also requires that someone be around morning and night to feed. Do you ever find yourself tied up away from the barn past feeding time? Horses are creatures of habit and these late feedings cause anxiety and other health concerns.

Do you ever want to get away on an overnighter, but can't find anyone to feed for you? Our feeders allow you to put multiple feedings in at once. This allows you flexibility so that you don't have to return at a certain time to feed. It also ensures that your horses aren't bored and don't chew on your stalls if they are in the barn. Our feeders allow your horses to eat on THEIR schedule, not on yours. Store multiple feedings in our feeder and save time.

Return on your investment!

How much time do you think it will take to make back the money that you've spent on a feeder? How much time will it take to until you start see how much the feeder is saving you money? This feeder will pay for itself in a short time and will give you a lifetime of savings!

Horse Waterers


This horse waterer promotes a natural drinking experience for your horse and allows them to always have access to good drinking water. It's frost free so in very cold temperatures it won't freeze! It's also electric free which means you don't have to plug it in to keep the water from freezing. You can quickly and easily adjust the water level. It's also easy to clean. Easy installation makes it a must have for your barn!

You can visit their website here - http://stablerevolutions.com/