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One Man Left Frightened After Trespasser Cuts His Horse’s Hair

One island man said he’s disturbed after someone who trespassed onto his property cut his horse’s hair.

Frank Dourte lives near Panmure Island and owns some farm animals that live on his property, including his 18-year-old horse called Yoshi.

Dourte is said to have been working in his barn around Friday afternoon when it came to his attention there was something wrong with his horse.

"The horse came running into the shelter in a bit of a panic and when I looked at her, she was missing a bit of mane, both on her tail and from her bangs, way down to her wither," he said.

He suspects that someone had cut his horse’s hair between Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon as he puts Yoshi away every night.

"It kind of worries me that somebody just goes on the property, crossed the electric fence and barbed wire, got into the field and start trimming the mane of a horse," he said. "It just scares me a little bit that they can just do that in daylight.

"How can somebody do that? That's very selfish."

Horse with hair cut
Frank Dourte

There were no other concerns about the incident and the horse was otherwise unharmed, however, Dourte reported the incident to the RCMP and they have confirmed that the matter is being looked into further and is under investigation.

"It didn't appear to be anything malicious, but certainly peculiar,"

"We certainly do come across different types of files in the run of a day, but nothing quite similar to this."

Dourtes neighbours also say they are unsettled by the unusual incident and he says he hopes people will now be alert in case something similar happens in the future.

"One thing went through my mind, it's a very brave individual. They must know horses because she's a big animal. Like we're talking 1,100 pounds."

"I'm just troubled by it. I don't understand why something like that would happen and what would be the purpose and the person doing it put their life in danger."

RCMP are asking anyone with information to call Kings District detachment.