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NEWS UPDATE: Wild Horses Remain Untouched By Hurricane Florence

The wild horses living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina coped well during hurricane Florence, just as the horse experts expected.

The horses fled inland during the hurricane. Over 100 horses upped and left to seek higher ground to protect themselves from the heavy winds whilst the storm was taking place.  

Horse experts reassured concerned people on social media that the wild horses would be just fine and that they were well equipped for the storm that was approaching.

The horses survived the hurricane and are all in good shape. After sensing that the storms were approaching they were able to act fast and run to higher grounds among the 7,000 acres they have to roam freely in.

When the heavy rain fell the horses took cover in a forested area to protect themselves.

Wild Horses

The experts were more worried about the horses that are still caught up in the flood waters but they know one of the southern herds survived on Ocracoke Island and were all reported safe according to Mike Barber, a spokesman for the National Parks of Eastern North Carolina.

"Ocracoke Island did receive some impacts from the storm but we're happy to say that the Ocracoke ponies were not impacted,” Barber told ABC News. “We have currently 15 ponies, and they're all doing well right now.”