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Little Girl Runs Through Barn To Greet Her Beloved Horse Companions

One little girl has formed a magical bond with a number of her uncle’s horses. She shows her mum her morning routine with her four-legged friends. What she does next is truly adorable.

Her uncle lives on a beautiful farm located in Victoria in Australia, which the ideal spot for their family get-togethers during the holiday seasons.

The little girl developed a regular morning routine with all the horses that she had fallen in love with while staying on the farm and wanted to show her mum how it was done.

Without fail, every day she would wake up and run to the stables to greet the horses.

She ran along to each stall inside the stables one by one and greeted the horses with a light pat and a morning kiss.

As she made her way to each stall the horses popped their heads out and waited patiently for their turn.

The big gentle giants love receiving their morning wake up call from the little girl. You can see it in their faces.

On one of the days that the family was staying at the farm, the little girl’s mum decided to film the adorable routine that had become such a tradition.

She said “The horses are so gentle and loving toward her… you can tell they’re just as excited to see her as she is them.”

After capturing the beautiful moment with each of the horses her mum shared the heart-warming video on Facebook, where the nation fell in love with the little girl and her morning routine.

The video went viral on a number of social media platforms and received thousands of views.

Watch the adorable video here: