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Little Frenchie’s Encounter With Large Police Horse.

Such a pleasant scene in New York City when one tiny pup meets one big friendly giant.


Frenchie, the French Bulldog was less than shy when he came face to face with a rather large police horse who wanted to make friends.


New York police were operating in the area because of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Whilst Frenchie and the horse were buddying up, people started to notice their adorable connection. This delightful occurrence even gathered a small crowd!


What could be sweeter than a small pup and large horse interacting in a friendly manner?


“I saw this on my walk back to the office from lunch. It was a nice contrast to the perception everyone has of the NYPD in the area due to the Occupy Wall Street camp nearby.”


It’s a truly amazing display of love and affection that the whole world needs to see.


The adorable French Bulldog was besotted with his new pal as he stared at the horse in fascination. Frenchie wanted to teach his new found friend how to play his way, as he was running and jumping around full of excitement.


The horse remained calm and collected as he was still serving his duties but was definitely amused and fully appreciative of his new bestie’s actions. Friendship really does have no limits!


These two new companions shared heartfelt moments with the world, as they go nose to nose, in front of the cameras. People among the crowd were laughing as the little pup was highly enthusiastic.


“That’s so cute”


The people of new york were loving this remarkable bond and were pulling out their phones to film it for themselves.


The video was shared on Youtube reaching an incredible 5.1 million views!


Watch it for yourself here… Frenchie and horse encounter