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Horses run free in the snow, their response is comical.

Whilst the East Coast is blanketed with snow, many pets are wrapped up warm, surviving the arctic influx. It’s similar for horses who are sealed in their stables until the flurry passes.

This mom of two horse companions, released them from their stables to play blissfully in the snow. Their reaction is priceless!




Most horses love to play in the snow but these two playmates were not impressed.


Luckily, numerous fascinating changes happen to horses that help them adapt during plummeting temperatures. According to Bangor Daily News, horses adapt well to winter weather and the way their winter coat raises to maintain internal body temperature and keep the cold air away is just one of the contributing factors.


Some horse lovers dress them with blankets for extra warmth. Others believe it’s unnatural and prefer not to, but this is all down to personal preference and wellbeing of the horse. Each horse has individual needs.




Despite taking extra caution by placing blankets on their backs, these two homebodies are going nowhere! A few steps out of the stables, into the snowy weather and these two already have other ideas. Cold air barely surrounds them before they dash back to the door in perfect unison. Mom thought it would be a good idea for them to fetch some fresh air and exercise but these two horses have strong opinions of the cold wintery weather and weren't afraid to reject her offer.


Mom can’t help but laugh out loud at her two “synchronized snow sissies.” Tucking themselves well away from the white winter commotion.


Click here to check out the hilarious video!