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Horses Fall In Love With Their New Kind Of Foal

Showjumper and trainer, Beezie Madden and John Madden shared this adorable video of a Rhodesian Ridgeback getting smothered with love from his equine friends.

The heartwarming video was captured on a horse farm in Cazenovia, New York, late last month.

The video shows the dog approaching the two large horses to greet them. The horses respond in the most loving way, sniffing, nuzzling, licking and really going over their foal-like friend.

One horse even leans over and uses its lips to check out the dog's collar.

You can see that both the dog and two horses really trust each other. The horses just think he is one of their own.

The scene just looks like another day on the horse farm, nothing out of the ordinary at all.

The horses are aware of their much larger size compared to their little canine friend and move slowly and gently around him, making sure they don’t accidentally hurt him. The way they move so deliberately and cautiously shows how much they care for the dog.

John Madden explained that the dog also thought he was just another one of the baby horses.

Watch the video here: