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Horses Chase Man Who’s Fleeing From Cops and Kick Him Out Of Pasture In Viral Video

A police helicopter in Florida, USA, caught on camera the moment a man, who was fleeing from the cops, was chased out of a pasture by three horses before being caught and arrested. 

The video of the chase went viral and amused many viewers after it was shared on social media by The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday.

The man who was attempting to flee the cops was identified as a 29-year-old Dominic Maultsby, who was stopped by the police for driving with an illegible licence plate. He tried to escape punishment by running away but was later caught with the help of a trio of horses.

The video footage shows him driving his vehicle over a lawn, getting out and then jumping a fence, into the horse pasture. As soon as he enters the pasture the horses spot the intruder and begin to chase him.

Just before he manages to escape the pasture one of the horses kick Mr Maultsby, throwing him to the ground, the horse then runs away and he climbs the fence to be immediately apprehended by police officers who were waiting for him.

The Video has now been viewed over 37,000 times on Facebook and has encouraged hundreds of comments.

"Great job and I loved the horses chasing him!" wrote one person in the comments section. "Great work deputies. Thanks for sharing!" said another.

Watch the video here:


Dominic Maultsby has now been charged with fleeing and eluding, driving with a suspended license and violating probation.

This is the second time animals have helped out the cops in Florida. Last year a heard of cows chased a woman fleeing the police across their field, resulting in her arrest.