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Horse With Carriage Runs Wild Through Downtown

A horse ran wild through Downtown on Friday 20th July whilst pulling a carriage containing two passengers.

One person was injured after the horse charged through a group of pedestrians.

The incident took place near Beale Street in a busy area, where the public death of a carriage horse occured last year, due to sudden illness.

One witness, James Freeman, aged 65, said it all started across the road from Aldo’s Pizza on 100 South Main Street when the driver had picked up two passengers.

As the driver attempted to get back into the carriage the horse started to run.   

"As soon as the horse started moving, she gave it commands, and the horse never stopped. I mean, the horse picked up speed - I mean, galloping speed."

The driver continued to run after the horse and carriage but couldn’t catch it.

Witnesses thought it was all an act and that the driver would run and jump into the carriage until she lost her footing and the horse bolted off into the distance.

Mark Giannotto, sports columnist for The Commercial Appeal, saw the horse galloping south into the Main Street Mall pedestrian area, with no driver but two passengers.

Reaching the intersection of Peabody Place and Second Street the horse ran straight into a group of people, knocking one woman face first on the ground, where she stayed for several minutes.  

In total, two people were injured. One was taken by ambulance and another was taken to Methodist University Hospital.


Daniel Connolly, The Commercial Appeal

Shortly after the horse was under control, Mark Bills, owner of Uptown Carriages and many other people turned up with a horse trailer and led the horse inside. Others also loaded the carriage onto the trailer.