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Horse Who Climbed The Roof To Survive The Flood, Returns Home

Leaf, a nine-year-old miniature horse, returned home to Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture after four months on the 1st November.

Leaf had survived the deadly floods in Western Japan back in July by climbing on to the roof of a house. 

The horse returned home to the Life Town Mabi Facility for elderly people in the Mabicho district.

In March 2017, Leaf was taken to the facility to help provide therapy for elderly residents, they say they hope that the mare “will become a symbol of reconstruction of Mabicho.”

In the early summer of this year, the Mabicho district was right in the firing line of torrential rain that caused severe flooding over most of western Japan.  

Leaf was reported missing when the farm she was living on as the facility was drowned by the flood waters on July 7th.

Staff members at the facility where Leaf worked began to worry and thought that she had also drowned in the flood waters when the farm went under.

Luckily, Leaf was discovered on the roof of a private house right by the facility on July 9th.

While she was being kept at a farm in the capital of Okayama Prefecture after she was rescued, she became friends with another horse named Musashi who was 4 years of age.

Having made a full recovery, Leaf and Musashi returned to the Life Town Mabi facility on November 1st and were greeted with plenty of head pats and carrots when they arrived.

“Leaf has been an idol for elderly people and children since she first arrived here,” said Mari Tamimoto, 49, who has been taking care of Leaf since before the disaster. “I think she will bring back smiles to Mabicho.”