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Horse Owners Shocked to Find What Happened After Their Horse Gave Birth

Jenni, from South Africa, is very passionate about her horses. Her life revolves around them, she breeds, rides and loves horses and she’s also a horse caretaker.

Jenni learnt in 2014 that her most beloved horse, Daisy, was expecting her first foal.

Jenni and her college Guy were called to the stables one night by their night watch, reporting that Daisy was in labour. Daisy had gone into labour 7 days after her due date.

The first foal, Don Quixote, was welcomed to the world safely with no problems. Jenni and Guy were surprised at how small he was as Daisy was a large horse, but they were very happy for Daisy and her new foal.


A little while later Jenni and Guy were faced with uncontrollable barking form their dogs. The pair went to check the afterbirth and were shocked by what they found.

Whilst Jenni inspected Daisy she felt a pair of feet inside her and to their
surprise she was in labour once again. Unfortunately, the second foal was breech.  

Daisy laid down to push but was soon distracted when she spotted Don Quixote standing by her. The situation was critical and the chances of getting the second foal out alive were minimal.

After the following crucial moments had passed, the second foal was delivered safely and was named Duet.

The pair, Don Quixote and Duet are inseparable and do absolutely everything together.

“They are both very happy little souls who have brought us such joy over the last few months, both very tame and enjoy human company and will be part of Saratoga forever,”

They consider the two young horses their miracle and they would never consider selling them to anyone.