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Horse Died In Agony After Being Stabbed By Thieves That Wanted To Eat It

Two thieves left a horse to die in agony after they stabbed it in the throat because they wanted to eat it.

The horse was called Destiny and was 13 years old when she was stolen from her barn in Miami Florida, on the 26th March.

Destiny was stolen through hole that had been cut in her barn fencing. She was then stabbed multiple times in the throat and heart.

Destiny put up a fight and eventually managed to escape her attackers before returning herself to her stall at the barn.

Unfortunately, Destiny was later discovered dead in her barn from her horrific injuries.

‘The horse…had been led out down the street to a kill zone where she was meant to be slaughtered for her meat,’ the Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) wrote on their Facebook page, posting graphic photos of the scene. ‘Destiny managed to run away while bleeding, back to her stall for safety. She bled out while in front of her stall.’

Another two horses from the same barn were also taken but sadly have not yet been found. It is believed that these horses were stolen and slaughtered for their meat.

ARM is now offering a $20,000 reward for information that may help identify suspects in the cruel killings.

‘The killing of Destiny for her meat has struck a chord in people throughout the state of Florida and across the country,’ Richard Couto, the founder of ARM, told Fox 8.

‘This type of lawlessness and brutality must not be tolerated within our community, ARM is hoping this reward will help bring justice to this horse, owners, and people that care for her.’

WARNING - Some viewers may find these images distressing