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Horse Barber Shows Off Her Creative Skills

Melody Hames is a ‘horse barber’ from Bury, Greater Manchester, who creates creative and stylish haircuts on horses. Some of the designs that she creates are so intricate they can sometimes take more than a month to complete.

She clips works of art on horses’ coats and has now gained a global following for her equine haircuts with a creative flare.  

Melody explains that she has a huge passion for horses but also for creativity and arts which is what has led her to this unique skill, as it combines all her interests.  

Her creative work has taken her overseas to the United States of America to clip horses from all over. She says that each design that is made can take weeks and weeks to plan, to get it
spot on.

After all the planning of the design is complete she moves on to the clipping of the horse which can take up to 10 hours to do.

A lot of people question whether the process causes any distress to the horses.

Melody says: “There is a lot of stigma around creative clipping, it’s usually because people aren’t really aware that horses are generally clipped anyway for their wellbeing. The only difference
with creative and traditional is that it’s patterns and it’s creative.”

Here are some examples of Melody’s creative work:

creative clipping

creative clipping
creative clipping

What the video here: