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His Pasture Was Destroyed But This Mini Horse Survived

Prince Charming is a mini horse from Concow in Calif. He was injured in the wildfires and is now recovering under veterinary care at the University of California, Davis.

On the day of the wildfires, the mini horse managed to make his greatest escape as the fire tore through the two-acre property where Prince lived.

The fire started only a few miles away from their home.

The fire moved so quickly that Prince’s owners, Laura Burns and Jim Hart’s only escape route was to crash their car through the closed gates and drive through the flames.

surviving horse
Benjamin Spillman

The fire destroyed the couples house and killed their three cats and their goat named Spike, who was sadly Prince’s best friend.

Luckily Prince and four of their other full-size horses managed to escape the fire, but no one knows how - possibly by running through an open gate.

“We’re kind of amazed he made it through the fire because he couldn’t keep up with the other horses because of his little legs,” Bruns said

“But he must have done pretty good. You’ve got to figure he is pretty smart since he managed to survive.”

It wasn't the first time Prince had faced a near death experience… Five years ago in Eugene, Ore., he was for sale at an auction where a lot of the bidders bought horses for slaughter.

As luck would have it Burns and Hart submitted the winning bid that bought the horse a second chance and life.

“We just came across him in Oregon and I couldn’t resist,” Hart said.

More than three weeks after the wildfire, Burns, Hart and their animals are still shaken and suffering from the trauma that the fire bought.