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The Top 50 Horse Blogs You Need To Read

We at Horseclicks would like to consider ourselves a 'one stop shop' for all things equine related. Whether you are looking to browse horses for sale, read up on the latest 'how-to' advice or find an equine business near you, Horseclicks can help. However, there is such a plethora of amazing equine information out there, spread all over the net, just waiting to be read! So we thought we would scour the internet and find some of the best equine blogs to share with you.

If you’re looking for practical, insightful, entertaining and educational horse blogs, you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got your covered.

So here we go.. The 50 best equestrian blogs online.There are so many high-quality horse blogs on the web, but we’ve handpicked the cream of the crop to give you the definitive list. Whether you’re completely horse crazy or just enjoy the occasional ride, these blogs give you the tips, tools and techniques to get the most out of your riding. We've numbered them to make it easier, but in no particular order here are the best 50 horse blogs!

Helpful Horse Hints

Helpful Horse Hints is an online blog that teaches people helpful horse hints, tips, and tricks to help them better understand horses, ponies mules, and burros.

Hoofbeat Collective


Hoofbeat Collective provides a number of blogs focused around horses and humans building a great relationship with trust, connection and understanding. Head over to Hoofbeat Collective if your bond with your horse isn't as dreamy as you know it can be and there's just something missing. 

Horse Glam

Horse Glam is a fresh take on an equestrian lifestyle blog. They post about all things equestrian, and how our love for the sport continues to shape our life and style. Horse Glam could be your go-to source for your next purchase, style inspiration or Monday work distraction.

Stacy Westfall

Stacy Westfall's blog is full of tips and advice to help you understand your horse. She has written over 1,000 blog posts so you're bound to find something that is useful to you. Stacy has been riding horses all her life and now her and her husband tour the country offering clinics and making education appearances at expos. 

stacy westfall facebookstacy horse blog twittergoogle +

D & ME

Expolore the power of horses to create profound growth and changes in us.
She shares her journey with her horse, Dorian and the transformation they've both experianced through a relationship built on trust and respect. 

stacy westfall facebook

Horses & Heels

Horses & Heels is an online lifestyle site for home, style, the barn and horse. The goal is to inspire you with photos, words and ideas.

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Equishop is the largest equestrian shop in Poland, which was created with true passion for riding. They are a rapidly growing company that sets standards in the riding industry in Poland.

stacy westfall facebook

The Phoenix Filly 

The Phoenix Filly is a site for horse lovers and equestrian enthusiasts -for the men and women who never grew out of horses, find them fascinating, or simply for those who love these creatures. 

stacy westfall facebook

She Moved To Texas

As you can probably guess from the name, this is a blog by Lauren who moved to Texas and now writes about her adventures with her beloved OTTB Simon. Her blog has gained her some attention in the equine industry, and she has been featured on the site The Chronicle of the Horse for their Amateurs Like Us series. Her horse blog is a great source of equine photography, lessons, reviews, interesting articles and pretty much anything you can think of.  Check out her Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Insightful Equine

Insightful Equine is here to help make sure your horse adventures are even more thrilling, gratifying, and enlightening than you imagined, giving you the tools you need to banish the nerve-wracking and disheartening parts so you can navigate through the overwhelm. The goal here is to help owners to find insight and understanding for their horses so they can both thrive as they reach their goals.

Sally Harrison

Sally Harrison's blog is an excellent source of information for breeders. Always up to date with the latest cutting and racing news she provides detailed information on the main competitors and their breeding history. You can also find the results of the 2015 Breeders Invitationals. Sally Harrison's blog is "where breeders do their homework".

In Due Horse

This blog is a horse girl’s lifestyle blog, Louise writes about all things horsey including travel, events, fashion, her favourite horse and riders and she interviews people that inspire her in the equestrian world. she is a budding Equestrian writer, who likes to write about the equestrian industry in a more quirky modern way.

The Economical Equestrian

This is your #1 source for budgeting, living and riding advice from a fellow equestrian. Whether you are a long time horse owner, or are just starting out with horses, you’ve chosen an expensive sport.  Just because we have an expensive habit doesn’t mean we can’t live our best life through planning and saving money!

The Rubber Curry Comb

The Rubber Curry Comb is a blog about Susy Stark recounting her life as a riding school instructor and the people, horses and ponies she encounters. She also tells memories of growing up around horses and what she learnt from them. She provides information and suggestions to help you progress in the competitive equine industry. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Horse Nation

Horse Nation is a blog for horse-crazy people to indulge their obsessions within a community of like-minded people. They post regular equestrian news from around the world, as well as interviews with top riders, reader essays, training tips and product reviews. Apart from all this important information, they sneak in a healthy amount of ridiculousness to help get you through your day.

Braid Secrets

In this blog Mary shares the mane braiding techniques, tips, and secrets she has acquired over four decades of braiding. This blog covers both hunter and button mane braiding. Her goal is for you to gain the knowledge to make braiding your horse's mane faster and easier and to the get the very best results for success in the show ring.

Pro Equine Grooms

Well, it works in one of two ways. You guys send over topic ideas to be written about. When equine enthusiasts give her questions, situations or problems, she get really inspired to research for you and write creative and funny stuff.  

The Horse

The horse is a popular magazine based around equine health care, but they also have a very good blog page. Their 'Blog Stable' has several categories which focus on smart horse keeping, industry press releases, performance horse management and looking after old horses as well general horse keeping advice. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

An Equestrian life 

An Equestrain Life is an excellent blog about horse life. The regular posts follow Courtney through her life with a large variety of topics, and all the challenges and lessons that come with it. She posts regular photos of her trail rides life events with the occasional dog or chicken thrown in! She is also on Instagram.

Saddle Seeks Horse

Saddle Seeks Horse is written by Susan Friedland-Smith, a 7th grade history teacher, dog mother and owner of an off-track Thoroughbred gelding called Knight. Susan's blog posts are always a good read for any horse enthusiast, and her belief that the quest for the right horse is akin to the quest for the right man is something a lot of equestrian can relate to. You can follow her blog on Facebook and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well.

saddle seeks horse instagrampinterest saddle seeks horse blog

Riding On Water

Riding on Water is a blog about the journey of Firn, a teenager from South Africa who trains horses and is trying to get qualified as a horsemaster. She describes the blog as a record of her attempts to better understand and communicate with horses. Along with detailed bio's of her 5 horses, she writes frequent blog posts on horsemanship and advice. provide you with a huge variety of blog posts covering multiple topics. If you're looking for high quality content to help you out, this is definiately the place to go! HorseClicks are also proud partners of and are highly recommended. 

Blood Horse

Blood Horse is a magazine and website that reports thoroughbred racing and industry news. They have a very good blog section with expert commentary on everything involving Thoroughbred racing, breeding, the sport and sales. There are 17 different blogs covering a range of topics around the industry so if you are interested in thoroughbred racing you are sure to find something useful. They are also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.

blood horse facebookblood horse twitterblood horse youtubeblood horse pinterestblood horse google+


You may know of SmartPak, one of the largest horse supplement sellers in the industry, but you may not have checked out their blog. The SmartPak blog has some fun features including horse of the month and competitions as well as gear reviews and veterinarian Q&A's. You can also join their rather large following on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

smart pak facebooksmartpak twittersmartpak youtube

The Horsey Set Net

The Horsey Set Net is a horse and culture blog for horse lovers everywhere, with or without horses. It is written by Rhonda Lane who is also a journalist, horseless horse lover and mystery writer-in-training. She posts regular advice and commentary on news related to the horsey world. You can find Rhonda on Facebook and Twitter.

horsey set net 

Equestrian Stylist

Equestrian Stylist is a great equestrian lifestyle blog which strives to produce the most exciting daily dose of equestiran style inspiration for you, your home, horse and barn. Founded by Ashley Cline and her horse "Sir Walter", the blog has a dedicated team of contributors who cover a variety of topics including fashion, travel, art, photography, stores, events and the home. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

equestrian stylist facebookinstagram equestrian stylistequestrian pinterest

Writing Horseback

Writing Horseback is an equestrian travel blog which keeps you up to date with the latest equestrian travel deals.  Written by Nancy, she joins her travel writing skills with her passion for horses to provide great tips on creating the ideal horseback riding vacation. She provides great information on lodging, deals, ranches and reviews. You can also follow her travels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

writing horseback facebookinstagram writing horsebackhorseback pinterestwriting horseback google+

The Soul Of A Horse

The Soul Of a Horse is a horsemanship program run by Joe & Kathleen Camp. Joe has published several books as part of the project and they also have a blog where they write articles about horse care and debunk popular myths around traditional horsemanship. They also have some interesting videos on YouTube.

horseback pinterestsou of a horse youtube

Horse And Man

Horse And Man is the blog continuation of the Horse And Man television series. It explores the bond between equines and their people. The blog is run by Dawn and her 13 horses and she writes about everything horse related. They also have a Bucket Fund where they raise money each month to donate to an equine charity. You can follow Horse and Man on Facebook. 

horse and man facebook

Alta Mira Horsemanship

This is where they discuss partnership-based horse trianing, riding and care. It's also a place for rescources for equestrians to live their healthiest and best lives. 

instagram writing horsebacksou of a horse youtube

Dressage For Mere Mortals

If you love dresage despite not having an inherent talent for the sport, then this blog is for you. Dressage for Mere Mortals is for ordinary people who love and struggle with the intricacies of dressage. Follow this blog for interesting discussion around dressage as well as everyday horse related things. You can follow this blog on Facebook and Twitter.

dressage facebook

Bee And The Horse

Bee And The Horse is brought to you all the way from Warsaw, Poland. It is a record of Bee's journey with her horse Nazir and another horse she trains called Weto. The articles on Bee And The Horse are either based on her own experiences with horses or as a result of the research she has done around a particular topic. You can also check out the blog on Facebook. 

bee and horse facebook

Velvet Rider

Velvet Rider is written by Jennifer Landers, a horse lover who enjoys the equestrian lifestyle and following the latest trends. Her blog provides information on equestrtian style, decor, gifts and of course, horses. Beginning in 2012, Velvet Rider has grown fast and now has over 10,000 likes on Facebook. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

the velvet rider facebookvelvet rider twittervelvet rider instagramvelvet rider google+velvet rider pinterest

H.E.R.S Equine

Katie expolres the H.E.R.S model, connects with readers and shares information about strategies and has lots of fun! H.E.R.S supports the modern horse woman and creates unique clothing.

horse trail riders facebook

Horse Rookie

Horse Rookie is an educational site dedicated to helping equestrians of all levels (especially rookies), answer common questions, make informed decisions and have more fun with their horses.

horse trail riders facebookconfident rider pinterest

Confident Rider

Confident Rider is Australia's first blog designed for nervous equestrians who wish to overcome their riding fears and rediscover how to ride with joy. They feature weekly interviews with experts who deal with confidence issues as well as past nervous riders who have overcome their fears. You can stay up to date with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

confident rider facebookconfident rider twitterconfident rider pinterest

Anna Blake

Relaxed and Forward, Anna Blake's blog is a horse/life blog followin her quest to understand and explain the deep and powerful connection between horses and humans.  She is a professional riding instructor, author and member of Infinity Farm. She writes lots of interesting articles about riding and horses along with some excellent photography. You can see some of her photo's on Pinterest.

infinity farm pinterestconfident rider facebook

Lady And The Track

Lady and the Track is a beginners guide to horse racing. It features daily updates on the horse racing world and teaches you how to be more confident when betting on horse racing to become a fearless lady at the track. They have a series of guides covering every aspect of betting and also post news and advice. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. 

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Best Horse Practices

Best Horse Practices is dedicated to balancing sense and science in the equine world. They review research in the horse industry and analyse it to see if it is practical and also review products to see if their claims are scientifically correct. Their blog includes features such as ask the expert interviews, case studies and general horsemanship advice. They are also on Facebook.

best horse practices blog facebook


Sorry, we couldn't resist! Although being primarily an equestrian classifieds website, HorseClicks runs a blog where we write about equestrian news, how-to's, advice and creative content as well as holding frequent giveaway competitions. You can subscribe to our newsletter using the subscribe box at the top of the page to receive the latest updates into your inbox and make sure you get involved with us on all the big social networks.

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