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Introduction To Hannah Wisener Our Brand New Blog Contributor

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Wisener. I’m 24 years old and happily married in Alpharetta, Georgia.

I started riding lessons as a little girl and was instantly in love. I took a several year break from my riding after I had an accident over a jump, which caused me to fracture my upper spine. Don’t worry, I’m completely healed now! Of course, I could only stay away from horses for so long!

I took up riding again when I was about 18. I took lessons for a few years and leased a horse out from my trainer. I also spent a great deal of time learning about training green horses. We had many greenies that needed work, and with the guidance of my trainer, I helped to school and exercise them.  I bought my first horse in the summer of 2017. His name is Zephyr, but we call him Z around the barn. Z is double registered with the AQHA and PHBA. He is 7 years old and stands at approximately 16.2 hands. I took him on as a project, and a project he was. However, I had confidence that with my experience working with green horses and the help of my trainer, I could finish Z's training. We began our long journey ahead. Z didn't have much muscle and needed months of flatwork to help build it up. He struggled with basic tasks like leads and ground poles. Jumping was a joke; he would crash right through them. My trainer didn’t like him and it showed.

It felt like no one believed in me that I could make something out of this horse, and I was starting to believe it myself. It wasn’t working and I began thinking of options of how to get rid of him and find a new horse. Meeting another trainer was a pivotal moment in our journey. We would not be where we are today had I not taken the risk to leave barns and switch trainers. With the help of some amazing trainers, Z has come from being a clumsy baby to a confident hunter. We currently train for and compete in the local hunter shows with Jaid Stables. Last year was Z’s first show season, and I hope to move up divisions this year.

As we all know, the equestrian lifestyle is not a cheap one. Being on budget personally, I have found that there are ways around breaking the bank when it comes to horses. I’ve learned many methods to save money and use my money most efficiently. I started my blog, The Thrifty Equestrian, about six months ago and post regularly on the site and Instagram. I’m so excited to share my journey and knowledge with you all!