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An Introduction To Hank Panchyshyn

Well I figured I would start my first contribution by introducing myself, who I am, and what I have done.

I guess I don't yet consider myself an expert on horses and training, and I am not sure if I will ever get there before my life is over. I was born and raised around livestock, cattle and horses. 

We had work horses, riding horses, oxen, and mules. As a young man it was my job to make sure each of these critters were capable and ready for work each day. As I got older, as most young men do, I had the cowboy dream and dipped my toes into that experience for a short period of time.

I found a beautiful horse-loving wife who was willing to put up with me, and together we raised three wonderful children. We owned and operated a modest farm where we raised cattle, horses, chickens, guineas, and one pet goose. We had several horses, which we used on the farm as well as for the grandchildren's pleasure.

I trained horses for myself and others from about the age of 16 on and taught many people how to ride. I also was an outdoor writer and a member of the Outdoor Writers of America for 20 years, and retired from that 20 years ago. 

I have many friends throughout the country in the horse and cattle business, as well as friends who have pleasure horses. I have experience training ranch horses, rodeo roping horses, and pleasure horses. We are now retired and spend our time traveling the country full-time, visiting our ranching friends, as well as attending many horse events and my grandson's rodeos.

Right now, we are in Idaho until October, and then we will head for the Carolinas until January. After that, we will head for Oklahoma and then Arizona. I still keep my hands in the training business and help friends and family with their horses. Part of what I enjoy most about a lifetime of training and riding is that every day I learn something new from someone half my age with half my experience or more often than not from those four-legged critters. I guess you are never too old to learn.

I'm hoping to keep you up with our travels, where we are, and what we are doing.  Hopefully I might be able to help you solve some problems, or you might be able to help me.

Have fun and God bless! Hank