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Carriage Horses Removed From Streets Due To Heat

Carriage horses are a very controversial matter and many believe that carriage horses should stop altogether due to the immense workload in high temperatures which have been too much for horses to handle in the past.

It’s important that we look after our four-legged friends and put their health first especially in these rising temperatures.

The City of Charleston officials says that their carriage horses were taken off the streets on Monday the 27th May due to the rising temperatures. They say the horses were taken off the streets at around 2:40 in the afternoon.

Rules and regulations state that carriage horses must be taken off the streets if four consecutive temperature readings are taken that indicate 95 degrees or more.

Visitors to Downtown were hoping to take a ride but were very understanding in the decision to halt the carriage rides given the sweltering heat on Monday.

“We’re disappointed, but I think it’s probably a good thing for the horses because it’s extremely hot," said Linda Gonzales who was visiting from Fort Lauderdale."So we’re disappointed but we understand. And it just gives us one more reason to come back to beautiful Charleston.”

Record temperatures are due to hit the Lowcountry on Memorial Day as most inland areas are expected to top 100 degrees.

Tempratures haven't reached this since the highest temperature was recorded back in 1989 at 98 degrees.

Tempratures are expected to remain between 96 and 100 degrees through Friday at least.