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Beloved Horse Killed By Car After Thief Let Him Out

Plomo was a small black horse who stood just a few feet tall, owned by a family who were excited for the future with him and learning to ride.

"We always wanted horses like, you know, to ride them and stuff, and we never had like the chance, because we lived in apartments."

Plomo’s owner said that he was a gift from her dad’s boss. The family looked after Plomo and his friend, Payaso, and kept them in a small shelter whilst they were looking to rent a more permanent place, outside of the city.

"The girls were actually planning to ride them, like for Christmas and stuff with our little cousins, and he's no longer here today."

The owner says that her father forgot to lock the family gate that provides access to the shelter, early Christmas Eve morning.

The family suspect that someone entered the property through the unlocked gate, or a hole that was found in their fence.

took like tools and a leaf blower, but I mean, that wasn't, that was like nothing compared to the horse."

"There was no way the pony could just get out by himself," his owner said. "Maybe he didn't want to walk anymore, and they just left him on his own."

The incident is believed to have happened at around 5 am.

Plomo’s owner reported him missing to the non-emergency line and just hours later received a call from the police.

Plomo had been found on the side of Golden State Boulevard, having been hit by a car. The family were heartbroken.

"They could've taken everything, or, all the tools they wanted," Plomo's owner said. "But they didn't have to take the horse."

The family are hoping nearby businesses are able to provide some CCTV footage to help them find who did it.

They say they were unable to bury Plomo until after the holidays as no animal shelters are currently open.