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Adorable Miniature Horse Plays In The Snow With Its Owner

One happy miniature horse beams with excitement as he experiences snow for what seems like the first time.

The small brown horse is caught on camera darting around the yard in heaps of snow, unable to contain his excitement.

He runs around the garden in circles before spotting his owner who is also up for playing in the snow. The owner runs away, encouraging her horse to chase her. The miniature horse bounds towards his owner, chasing her round and round the tree trunk at the bottom of the yard.

When the owner accepts defeat by the speedy little horse she stops running and the horse continues to bounce around in the snow.

The horse continues to go round in circles kicking clouds of snow into the air. The small horse ends up covering himself in
snow, turning his dark brown coat into a somewhat white coat.

Another person stands watching and filming the pure fun and joy the horse is having from their balcony. If only we could all be this happy about the snow.